Make Gun Safe Dehumidifiers More Effective with Humidity Monitoring


Firearms - even when properly cleaned, oiled, and maintained – can be vulnerable to damaging corrosion if exposed to prolonged periods of high humidity and possibly extreme temperatures. Wooden stocks, meanwhile, can dry out and crack if exposed to non-optimal conditions for prolonged periods.


For storage of guns and ammo in a gun safe, gun vault or gun cabinet, many recommend using desiccates and/or gun safe dehumidifier (such as a dehumidifier rod). It's also recommended to monitor humidity and temperature. Many say that a 50% relative humidity and temperature of 70°F is generally safe for storage of guns and bullets, but always check with the manufacturer of your handgun or rifle for specific conditions.

AcuRite Solutions & Tips

  • Monitor Gun Storage Conditions: Place an AcuRite Room Monitor in the room where you store firearms, to measure ambient room conditions and ensure safe, controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Install a Spot Check Temperature and Humidity Sensor (optional) inside the gun safe or gun cabinet to measure conditions specific to where the firearms are stored.
  • Use a Home Environment Display for convenient viewing of conditions measured by Monitors and Sensors in multiple rooms around the home.
    • Set alarms to alert you of undesirable conditions. These can include:
      • Undesirably low or high temperatures
      • Undesirably high or low humidity

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