Monitor Pets Remotely

Protect your pets’ health and safety with the AcuLink Internet Bridge and up to three compatible sensors that are right for your needs.

  • For outdoor animals, consider the Pro Weather Center with 5-in-1 sensor, AcuLink Bridge and indoor display to monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall. You get accurate weather forecasting for your precise location, and customized email and text alerts about uncomfortable or dangerous conditions.
  • Use up to three AcuLink compatible Sensors simultaneously with your AcuLink Internet Bridge for remote monitoring of your kennels, stable, outdoor run, indoor pet area, or terrarium.
  • Monitor your pet’s environment online or on your smartphone or tablet with the free AcuLink app when you are away from home.
  • Check on outdoor conditions so you know when to provide extra care for watering or sheltering your pets.
  • Keep your dog, cat, horse, reptiles, fish, and other pets safe from temperature extremes and utility disruptions.

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