Remote Monitoring for Hobbies

Whether your passion is fine wine, an aromatic cigar, or the beautiful tone of a musical instrument, AcuLink can help you to maintain ideal conditions for your hobby items, no matter where you are.


According to Wine Spectator magazine, “Heat is enemy number one for wine.” High temperatures can ruin a good wine, and exposure to excessive cold (as with wine that stays in a refrigerator for weeks on end) can dry out the cork, allowing air to damage the flavor. The ideal temperature range for wine is from 45 to 65 degrees. Humidity is an important factor as well, and should be maintained between 50 and 80 percent in your storage area. You can set a container of water out near the wine to increase humidity, or use a dehumidifier in extremely damp conditions, which may ruin wine labels.

With the AcuLink system, you can place temperature and humidity sensors in the area where you store wine, and check on them via a display console, up to 330-feet away. For even more convenience, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer's web brower to monitor sensor output, and you can set customized alarms to alert you if the temperature or humidity exceeds or falls below your desired ranges. This may save your expensive wine collection.

Monitor Household Conditions


Cigar aficionados are well aware of the crucial role that humidity and temperature play in maintaining the quality of a cigar. Cigars are commonly stored in humidors, which range in size from walk-in rooms to small travel humidors for a few cigars on the road. Monitoring the humidity of your humidor is essential. Cigars stored in dry conditions lose taste, may burn too fast, can develop an unpleasant smell, and may taste harsh. In addition, the wrapper may become brittle. If the humidity is too high, mold may develop and the cigar may burn too slowly or be hard to light. Excessive dampness can ruin cigars through the growth of mold or providing conditions in which tobacco beetles thrive.

Storage temperature is important as well, although it may be overlooked. Low temperatures impair aging, and can cause a cigar to become brittle. At high temperatures, cigars may rot and are more prone to tobacco beetles and other infestations.

Therefore, the general cigar storage standard is the 70/70 rule, keeping the temperature about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and the relative humidity close to 70 percent. If you are serious about the quality of your cigars, the AcuLink system provides unparalleled capability for continuous and remote monitoring. With the AcuLink Bridge, you can place compatible sensors in your humidor and set programmable alerts to send to your mobile device, so no matter where you are, you will know if the temperature or humidity vary from your selected values. If you have more than one humidor, you can use up to three sensors with each Bridge.

Musical Instruments

Many musical instruments, from guitars to harpsichords, are made from wood because its organic properties produce a beautiful sound. Those same organic properties make wood susceptible to damage from extremes of temperature and humidity. Excessive atmospheric dryness can lead to cracking and distortion, while too much dampness can cause wood to swell and change its resonance. Similarly, too much heat or very cold temperatures can change the qualities of fine wood. Therefore, it is essential to control and monitor the temperature and humidity where your musical instruments are placed or stored.

Even electronic equipment may be affected by temperature extremes. Cables and plastic components may become more brittle and breakable if stored in a very cold area, or may be damaged by excessive heat. Extreme changes in humidity and temperature may lead to condensation and equipment damage or malfunction.

Most musical instrument manuals specify certain temperature and humidity ranges to keep your instruments in optimum condition. AcuLink can be the musician’s best friend, giving you a method for monitoring conditions whether you are in a different part of the house (via a compatible display console) or in a different country (via the AcuLink Bridge). You can use up to three temperature/humidity sensors with each Bridge, and mobile alerts will keep you informed about potential problems. You can check historical data to see what the conditions in your music room or studio have been over a period of time. This will allow you to adjust the temperature and the humidity to the level needed by your particular instrument.