Safe Conditions for Displaying Paintings and Art Storage


Artwork can be damaged by improper art storage conditions. Sunlight, moisture, and temperature all can deteriorate your valuable collection.


The terms "art" and "artwork" consists of an incredibly wide variety of mediums, utilizing a practically limitless array of materials. For advice on conditions where a particularly unique or valuable piece of modern art is being displayed or hung, it may be best to consult the gallery where you purchased it. But generally speaking, avoid keeping artwork, such as a painting, near sources of heat or direct sunlight. Maintaining a relative humidity around 55% is often a good idea too. Use a humidifier or to increase humidity or a dehumidifier to decrease humidity. A humidity controller is often used for valuable collections. Comfortable indoor room temperature (68 to 72°F; 20 to 22°C ) is typically appropriate for artwork (since that's generally where art is shown, anyway). More importantly, avoid rapid changes in conditions. For transport or long-term storage of artwork, always do your research or hire an expert, since these represent common situations where permanent damage can occur.

AcuRite Solutions & Tips

  • Monitor Art Storage Conditions: Place an AcuRite Room Monitor in the places where you display or store artwork, to measure ambient room conditions and ensure safe, controlled temperature and humidity.
  • Monitor for Leaks: Position a Water Detector in a place where leaks or flooding may occur.
  • Use a Home Environment Display for convenient viewing of conditions measured by Monitors and Sensors in multiple rooms around the home.
    • Set alarms to alert you of undesirable conditions. These can include:
      • Undesirably low or high temperatures
      • Undesirably high or low humidity
      • Presence of water leaks or flooding

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