My AcuRite is your personal home assistant, empowering you
to create a comfortable and safe environment for your family,
pets, and valuable possessions.

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Know When to Take Action™

My AcuRite:
The Window to Your World.

My AcuRite's smartphone app, tablet, and browser-based interface provides peace of mind. It lets you view home conditions from work, on vacation or from your favorite chair. Always know your environment in and around your living space, and keep tabs on all the places that matter to you. 

Better Decisions, Every Day™

Take a Deep Breath.

Indoor temperature and humidity play a large role in air quality. My AcuRite provides valuable information to help you prevent mold, minimize allergens, and keep your family comfortable. View Alerts

Don't Get Your Feet Wet.

An overflowing appliance, failed sump pump, or leaking roof can cause major water damage. AcuRite’s Water Leak Detector gives you early warning with instant notification, and more time to take action.

Alerts Icont - AcuRite Home Monitoring
Water has been detected from the wired sensor connected to Kitchen Sink.

Pipes Shouldn't Burst Your Bubble.

Preventing frozen pipes often means the difference between an easy fix, and a gut rehab. My AcuRite can send you a low temperature alert before pipes can freeze.

Alerts Icon -  - AcuRite Home Monitoring
The temperature from the wired sensor connected to Water Pipe is below 35ºF with a reading of 34ºF.

Know Your Environment™

A Green Thumbs Up.

Knowing when to plant, how much to water, and when to cover sensitive plants are integral to tasty veggies, a lush lawn, and sweet-smelling flowers. My AcuRite’s rain gauge measurements, weather monitoring, and soil temperature tracking keep things growing in the right direction.

Practical Applications. Practically Limitless.

My AcuRite makes your home a smarter place with insights about your environment.

Indoor Air Quality
Monitor temperature and humidity levels for home comfort.
Prevent Mold, Mildew & Allergens
Maintain proper indoor conditions to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other allergens.
Detect Water Leaks & Flooding
Instant alert if an appliance leaks or your basement takes in water.
Heating & Cooling Efficiency
Pinpoint drafts and leaks, and verify your ventilation system is operating properly.
Frozen Pipe Prevention
Get notified when temperatures drops below safe pipe temperature levels.
Safe Conditions for Pets
Maintain safe conditions for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, and other small mammals.
Healthy Plants & Garden
Plant your garden at exactly the right time. Know when and how much to water your lawn.
Pool, Hot Tub & Pond Monitoring
Track water temperature from anywhere, and always know the perfect time for a swim.

Connect to my ACURITETM

Stay informed of changing conditions in and around your home. My AcuRite allows you to monitor the areas you care about most, from anywhere, at anytime, with any device. Learn more

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Your Personalized Weather.

Precision measurement of atmospheric conditions where it matters most: your home. My AcuRite's location-specific weather readings, and reliable 5-day weather forecasts help you plan your day.

Works with your smart speaker for a hands-free experience.

When paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, AcuRite Access® allows for My AcuRite voice-control.
Hey Google  or Hey Alexa
"Ask my AcuRite for the UV Index."
Works with Alexa - AcuRite Home Monitoring
My AcuRite Skill
for Amazon Alexa
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Works with Google - AcuRite Home Monitoring
AcuRite App
for Google Assistant
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Stay informed of hyper-local environmental conditions at any time— from anywhere, with AcuRite Access. AcuRite Access connects up to seven (7) compatible AcuRite devices to My AcuRite, our remote monitoring software, allowing you to conveniently monitor the areas you care about most, so you can Plan Your Day with ConfidenceTM. Shop all Sensors

How it Works

AcuRite products offer multiple mounting options, effortless wireless pairing, plus intuitive operation.


Measure temperature, humidity, soil temperature, pipe temperature, wind, rainfall, barometric pressure, detect water, and more.

AcuRite Access
AcuRite Access

Connect AcuRite Access to an Ethernet router to seamlessly transmit environmental data to the Internet.

My AcuRite Website
My AcuRite

Mobile apps and website give you everything you need to know about your indoor and outdoor environment.