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What’s New with AcuRite Access

AcuRite Access, is the upgraded connection to My AcuRite.

AcuRite® Access™ was designed based on product feedback and feature requests from our My AcuRite users. Some of the benefits you will find in the new AcuRite Access include:

  • Battery backup to ensure sensor readings are received and stored during a power outage or loss of internet connection
  • Ability to upload up to twelve hours of readings to My AcuRite once internet connectivity and power are restored
  • Support for current My AcuRite compatible sensors
  • Expandable to support new My AcuRite compatible sensors


When will AcuRite Access be available?

AcuRite Access is available now!

Will you be releasing a new AcuRite mobile app for Android and iPhone?

The My AcuRite app for Android and iPhone will continue to be the go-to place to access your date.

Will my current devices work with the new Access?

Yes, all existing smartHUB compatible products will be compatible with the new AcuRite Access.

Will I need to set up a brand new account for My AcuRite?


Will the AcuRite Access be compatible with any new sensors?

Yes, new sensors will be compatible with AcuRite Access.