partnership opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

AcuRite environmental monitoring products are trusted by millions of discerning consumers across the US and abroad.

Our products deliver actionable information about changing conditions and hidden risks in indoor and outdoor environments. Using our cloud-based platform, consumers can easily monitor their connected AcuRite products through their computers and mobile devices, and receive alerts when conditions need their attention.

The My AcuRite platform is hosted through Amazon Web Services, allowing easy data access and integration.

Outdoor Environmental Monitoring
  • Temperature of air, soil, and liquids
  • Humidity, wind, rain, barometric pressure
  • Calculated conditions like Rain Rate, Feels Like, etc
  • Lightning detection
  • UV index, UV dose, light intensity
Home Environmental Monitoring
  • Water leak detection
  • Liquid and air temperature
  • Humidity
Connected Platform Capabilities
  • Programmable alerts
  • Accessible through smartphones, tablets, computers
  • Data sharing
  • Trend charts, graphs, and exportable history data

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