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AcuRite Delivers the Best-in-Home Weather Forecasting to Help Navigate this Holiday Season

Lake Geneva, WI October 20, 2011 – AcuRite, the leader in precision temperature and personal weather reporting and forecasting instruments, has redefined at-home weather monitoring and forecasting. AcuRite is the perfect holiday gift or travel companion for the people in your life that seem to have everything, except an accurate weather forecast.

AcuRite products provide the most dependable forecast anywhere. Unlike traditional forecasts that may use data from hundreds of miles away to predict the weather in your area, AcuRite weather stations offer advanced Focused Sensor Based Forecasting technology.

This unique feature utilizes a sensor that collects organic data right from the user’s backyard. The sensor tracks specific sets of weather-related variables, such as changes in temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure to generate a personalized forecast.

“Weather is hard to navigate during the holidays, but AcuRite’s personal weather monitoring and forecasting tools will help take the guesswork out of gifts for loved ones. AcuRite has something for every family this season,” said Jon Balicki, president and COO, Chaney Instrument Co.

Effortless Holiday Shopping

AcuRite’s What-to-Wear Digital Weather Station ($29.99) is perfect for busy families as it provides 20 different clothing recommendation icons for every weather scenario. It also features AcuRite’s patented self-calibrating technology for a personal forecast of 12 to 24 hour weather conditions.

For those always running out the door, the Digital Weather Station with Forecast ($49.99) offers bold graphics with an easy-to-read LCD screen that relays indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity.

For active party organizers, the Professional Digital Weather Station with Forecast ($64.99) is the perfect home companion. Product features include custom programmable alarms that alert the user when the weather conditions change, ensuring success for every outdoor gathering. It also includes heat index, wind chill, dew point tracking and temperature/humidity trend arrows.

Plan and Travel with Confidence

The man that has it all will appreciate the Digital Weather Station with Forecast/Temperature / Atomic Clock ($54.99). An accurate forecast will always be at his fingertips with its patented self-calibrating technology, which provides indoor / outdoor temperature and daily high / low temperature.

For the planner in the family, consider the Digital Weather Station with Forecast / Temperature / Humidity ($59.99). This station features 4-hour, 4 to 8-hour and 8 to 12-hour precision forecasting, which helps plan morning, noon and night activities. Additional features include indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure and humidity trend indicator.

Amateur meteorologists should consider the Professional Digital Weather Station with Forecast / Temperature / Humidity / Wind Speed & Direction / Rainfall ($119.99).

Features include programmable weather alarms, rainfall measurement and history, and a five-in-one sensor that tracks temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed & direction.

AcuRite offers a variety of products from budget-friendly indoor/outdoor thermometers ($19.99) to professional weather stations ($199.99). With a wide variety of options, choosing the perfect gift has never been easier. It’s more than accurate, it’s AcuRite.

Availability: AcuRite products are available at mass retailers in the US and Canada, and online at


AcuRiteis owned by the Chaney Instrument Co., a leader in time, temperature and personal weather reporting and forecasting instruments, since 1943. AcuRite products are known for ease of use and delivering accurate, reliable information, allowing you to plan your day with confidence. Chaney Instrument Co. is a family-owned business based in idyllic Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.