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AcuRite on Weather Underground

AcuRite Connect Weather Stations

Broadcast the Weather in Your Neighborhood

Be the local weather expert, stream your weather online and become part of a weather station community.

Join the nation’s largest community of personal weather station (PWS) users on Weather Underground with AcuRite's line of internet-connected and Wi-Fi enabled weather stations.

With My AcuRite, AcuRite's complimentary cloud-based platform, you can stream the readings from AcuRite weather sensors to Weather Underground’s website. There, your weather information can be seen on the Wundermap, alongside the data from over 250,000 Weather Underground weather stations worldwide.

The advantage of Weather Underground’s vast network is that it offers unprecedented coverage. By eliminating large spans of distance between weather stations, Weather Underground gives you access to cutting edge weather accuracy and highly reliable forecasts. In other words, it enhances the functionality of your AcuRite weather station.

Weather Underground Features

  • View your weather conditions on a web browser by visiting or on smartphones and tablets using Weather Underground's mobile apps.
  • Weather Underground can deliver weather forecast information, sent via text or email.
  • Weather Underground archives your station's historical data, and generate charts and graphs so you can analyze climate trends.

Rapid Fire Updates

Rapid Fire is a feature of Weather Underground that enables personal weather station owners to UPLOAD weather data in real time, giving WU users up-to-the minute conditions. If desired, you can configure My AcuRite to STREAM Rapid Fire updates to Weather Underground, typically in intervals ranging from 18-36 seconds.

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Get the most out of your AcuRite weather sensors with Weather Underground and AcuRite's internet-connected weather stations.