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  1. Indoor 112 items
  2. Outdoor 65 items
  3. Decorative 19 items
  4. Tabletop 33 items
Display Features
  1. Battery Backup  16 items
  2. Programmable Alerts 20 items
  3. WiFi for Weather Underground 4 items
  4. Can be Calibrated 21 items
  5. Backlight Dimming Option  19 items
  6. Displays Daily Rain Total  11 items
  7. Dark Theme 4 items
  8. Includes My AcuRite Mobile App 13 items
  9. Compatible with Lightning Detector 7 items
  10. Displays Moon Phase  9 items
  11. Clock uses Atomic Technology 1 item
  12. PC Connect 2 items
Display Screen Type
  1. Monochrome Display 4 items
  2. Color Display 16 items
  3. High Definition Display 6 items
  4. My AcuRite Mobile App 11 items
Connectivity & Compatibility
  1. Includes AcuRite Access for Remote Monitoring through My AcuRite 12 items
  2. Sensor is Compatible with AcuRite Access 37 items
  3. WiFi Connection to Weather Underground 4 items
  4. Compatible with Weather Underground when paired with AcuRite Access 1 item
Sensor Measurements
  1. Temperature 37 items
  2. Humidity 35 items
  3. Rainfall 20 items
  4. Wind Speed 14 items
  5. Wind Direction 14 items
  6. Water Detection 5 items
  7. Liquid Temperature 3 items
  8. Soil Temperature 4 items
  9. Lightning 4 items
  10. UV and Light Intensity  3 items
  11. pH 1 item
  12. Soil Moisture 1 item
Display Type
  1. AcuRite Atlas 2 items
  2. 5-in-1 12 items
  3. Multi-Sensor 9 items
  4. Thermometer 8 items
  5. My AcuRite Remote Monitoring 11 items
Power Type
  1. Battery 49 items
  2. Power Adapter  24 items
Analog / Digital Display
  1. Analog 27 items
  2. Digital 31 items
Sensor Range
  1. 100 feet / 30 meters 1 item
  2. 165 feet / 50 meters 1 item
  3. 330 feet / 100 meters 36 items
Temperature and/or Humidity Update Interval
  1. 36 Seconds  11 items
  2. 30 Seconds  5 items
  3. 16 Seconds  26 items
Clock Features
  1. Displays Indoor Conditions 15 items
  2. Displays Outdoor Conditions 15 items
  3. Backlight 2 items
  4. Atomic 1 item
  5. Roman Numerals 3 items
Kitchen Product Type
  1. Cooking Thermometer 1 item
Kitchen Gadget Features
  1. Oven / Grill / Smoker Safe 1 item
  2. Instant Read  1 item
Clock Size
  1. Under 10" 2 items
  2. 10"-13.9" 1 item
  3. 14"-18" 11 items
  4. Over 18" 4 items
  1. Metal 5 items
  2. Plastic 11 items
  3. Wicker 1 item

Confidently Know Your Home Environment™ with the help of our internet connected home monitoring devices, multi-sensor stations, thermometers and hygrometers, and gardening devices. Keep the spaces inside and outside your home running smoothly and safely with our smart home environment systems and weather devices to track humidity, temperature, rainfall, time and more.

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  1. PRO+ 5-in-1 Hi-Def Weather Station with Remote Monitoring
  2. Personal Weather Station Builder
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Shop all home environment devices from AcuRite’s online selection, ideal for keeping your family safe from disaster and hour home running efficiently. We offer a wide variety of internet connected home monitoring devices, multi-sensor stations, thermometers and hygrometers, gardening devices, home environment sensors and parts and more.

Easily access data on the condition of your home with our internet connected home monitoring devises such as the 5-Sensor Indoor Humidity and Temperature Smart Home Environment System with My AcuRite and other multi-sensor stations to get remote access to up to five rooms. Our smart home technology is essential for keeping track of things like leak detection, air quality, mold prevention and the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Looking to track specific weather data or other conditions, choose one of our many basic or advanced thermometers and hygrometers, from digital thermometers to Galileo thermometers to wireless thermometers with humidity sensors. Or, browse our gardening section for soil meters and rain gauges to keep your garden looking beautiful.

Plus, visit AcuRite’s blog section to learn more about how to use our weather stations, home monitoring devices and other products to create a safe and efficient smart home monitoring system.

AcuRite provides you with the leading weather stations and home monitoring devices to ensure your home is equipped with the home technology it needs to run efficiently inside and outdoors. Shop our weather stations for everything from basic weather stations to high-tech 5-in-1 weather stations and supplement your home monitoring environment with other devices such as hygrometers, rain gauges, lightning detectors, thermometers, and more. Not looking for a weather station? We also specialize in indoor clocks and outdoor clocks, kitchen devices, gardening tools such a soil meters, and other home monitoring technology. Browse our wide range of home technology products or shop our weekly deals to find the perfect device for your smart home..