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Discover the missing piece to complete your smart home technology setup. Save money on heating and cooling, avoid costly repairs, and have peace of mind while traveling by optimizing your home with AcuRite home and weather sensors.

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Your Data, Your World

AcuRite Access® and My AcuRite® Intelligence

Whether you're new to the home monitoring world or have been using AcuRite sensors for a while, AcuRite Access makes it easy to build or expand your in-home and outdoor smart home monitoring capabilities — with up to seven sensors in or around your home.

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My AcuRite Window to World

Smart Home Technology to Optimize Your:


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Heating and Cooling

Optimize your home temperature to better manage your heating and cooling bills, maintain proper storage conditions to protect your valuables in your attic, and stay ahead of any potential flooding or water damage before it's too late.

Second Home

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Monitor From Anywhere

From vacation homes and rental properties to cabins up north, save time with remote monitoring of indoor and outdoor conditions through My AcuRite on your mobile device. Gone are the days of making on-site visits to check for leaks, frozen pipes, or property damage.


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Comfortable Temperature and Humidity Levels

Keep an eye on any maintenance or hazards for your loved ones while also ensuring comfortable temperature and humidity. Monitor their indoor and outdoor conditions through My AcuRite on your mobile device and rest assured that they are safe.

Home Projects

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Optimal Conditions for Home Improvement Projects

From simple DIY projects indoors to big jobs on the house or in the yard, most building materials and paints require specific conditions for optimal drying and curing. Avoid costly and timely mishaps that come from not knowing your indoor and outdoor conditions.

Add Home Tech to Your Toolkit

With remote monitoring through the My AcuRite app, AcuRite smart home technology helps you create an efficient and comfortable home environment. Find your ideal home humidity level and optimal indoor temperature for improved sleep and safety from the convenience of your smartphone. Know when to adjust as needed by running the AC or dehumidifier — or simply opening the windows!

Connected Rooms

Identify leaky windows or doors, and know when it's best to open the windows or run the AC or furnace.

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Remote Leak Detection

Avoid costly water damage with sensors placed in areas typically prone to leaks, such as the water heater, sump pump, or sink.

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Connected Weather

From the first sign of rainfall to lightning strikes and wind gusts, be prepared before an oncoming storm wreaks havoc on your home.

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A 360° Connection

Remote Access to Your Home Weather Station

With the My AcuRite app, quickly access your weather and home conditions from anywhere with your wireless weather station.

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Ultraviolet and Light Intensity Measuring

Protect Against
Harmful Sun Rays

Minimize your family's exposure to harmful solar arrays and be aware of sun health risks, such as eye damage and skin cancer.

Optimize Home Heating and Cooling

Monitor UV levels and light intensity to stay comfortable by keeping your home cool or knowing when to heat it up.

Grow Healthy Plants

Grow healthier plants with clear insight of the sun's impact; easily track seasonal trends and measure hours of daylight.

Always be in the know. Get alerts to your phone or email when UV intensity is above a specific threshold.

Water Leak Sensors

Prevent a Flooded Basement and Yard

Heavy downpours can saturate the lawn and soil, which can force the water into your basement or crawlspace.

Avoid Appliance Water Leaks

Avoid costly water damage by enabling alerts for sensors placed in areas that are typically prone to leaks, such as the water heater, sump pump, or kitchen sink.

Prevent Damage to Valuables

Get notified at the first detection of water in your attic or crawlspace to protect your stored possessions.

Always be in the know. Get alerts when water is detected in problem areas.


Optimize Home
Heating and Cooling

Identify leaky windows or doors, and know when it's best to open the windows or run the AC.

Maintain Healthy
Living Conditions

Mildew growth is higher under humid environments. Have loved ones with respiratory issues? Protect them by knowing when to run the humidifier or dehumidifier.

Keep Valuables

Photos, instruments, and wood furniture; most items in storage have a narrow threshold for optimal temperature and humidity.

Always be in the know. Get alerts when living conditions become unsafe.

Water and Spot-Check Temperature Monitoring

Track Hot Tub and Pool Temperature

Whether it's kids in the pool, or parents in the hot tub, easily track water temperatures to keep everyone comfortable.

Pet Safety

Also nurture the other animals in your home, whether they're in an aquarium, terrarium, or cage.

Garden Care

Track the spring thaw, cover the plants during a hard freeze, or give them an extra drink in high heat with real-time soil temperature updates.

Always be in the know. Get alerts when water temperatures become unsafe or soil conditions become unstable.

Wind Monitoring

Track Storm Development

Monitor and track increasing wind speeds, changing or shifting wind directions, and gusting winds to have a heads-up on an approaching storm.

Avoid Property Damage

Know when to batten down the hatches. From weak windows to old shingles or siding, be prepared before wind wreaks havoc on your home.

Keep Garden and Plants Safe

After overwatering, wind damage is the next biggest threat to your large crops, bushes, and trees.

Always be in the know. Get alerts when wind gusts exceed your defined threshold.

Rainfall Tracking

Measure Rainfall Totals

From rainfall rate to rainfall totals, know exactly how much water your lawn, garden, or yard has received.

Prevent a Flooded
Basement and Yard

Heavy downpours can saturate the lawn and soil, which can force water into your basement. Stay on top of rainfall totals to prevent or prepare for a potential flood.

Avoid Overwatering
Lawn and Garden

Overwatering is the largest threat to plants. Monitor and track rainfall totals to adjust watering needs as necessary.

Always be in the know. Get alerts when rainfall totals exceed your designated high-water mark.

Expand Your Home

With the AcuRite Atlas® Home Weather Station

The AcuRite Atlas weather station includes basic sensors plus add-ons and upgrades to maximize your weather monitoring experience. Amateur today, pro tomorrow with AcuRite Atlas.

Receive up-to-the-minute updates on your mobile device to help protect your home, business, community garden, or school from hyperlocal weather changes. You'll always know when to apply sunscreen, wear extra layers, water the garden, grab an umbrella, or stay inside if lightning is detected nearby.

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FAQ - Home Optimizer

Frequently Asked Questions

By comparing your indoor and outdoor temperature data often, you'll know when to open windows rather than run the air conditioning or furnace. If this becomes a common occurrence, you'll end up using your utilities less often, resulting in lower energy bills and a more energy-efficient home.

Optimal indoor temperature can be different for everyone, and it can take some time to find what is most comfortable for you and your preferred sleeping temperature. But once you know your ideal home temperature thresholds, which you can learn from AcuRite temperature sensors, you can set alerts and receive notifications right to your smartphone when the indoor temperatures exceed your optimal comfort.

If you are continuously aware of outdoor temperature and humidity levels, you can make informed decisions about how much or how cold you need to run your air conditioning. Running your air conditioning less can help you have a more energy-efficient home and lessen the chance of any technical issues surrounding your air conditioning system.

Yes, with AcuRite smart home technology, you can place indoor temperature and humidity sensors in different areas of your home and create alerts based on ideal conditions for each room. Say the nursery requires increased humidity for ideal sleep conditions for the baby, or storage in the attic requires lower humidity to maintain ideal conditions for old photos. Set alerts and get notifications right to your smartphone if any of these sensors detect conditions outside of your preset temperature and humidity (two of the most common notifications) thresholds.

To protect your loved ones and valuables, strategically place sensors where your family spends the most time and in storage areas. Baby sleeping in the nursery? Kids playing video games in the basement? Husband working in the garage? Dog kennel out back? These are just a few ideas. You can also use our sensors to monitor the temperature of fine art, wine, and cigars.

High home humidity can create dangerous living conditions. Not only can it allow for mildew and mold growth, but it can also decrease the air quality in your home and increase allergy symptoms. Know how to maintain humidity levels to keep mold and allergies away!

Usually, the ideal indoor humidity level for optimal comfort and health is between 30% and 50%, but it also can depend on your personal preference. Maintaining ideal home humidity can be challenging as it is greatly affected by your local climate and region. Make sure to find the right number for you to retain moisture and prevent dryness!

AcuRite has a new indoor air quality sensor that measures the concentration of small air particles present in your home, known as PM2.5. With an easy-to-read scale that highlights safe or hazardous conditions, you'll know when to ventilate the house, replace the filters, or change the indoor humidity.

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