AcuRite 6-Pack Assortment of Weather Stickers

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Customize AcuRite 6-Pack Assortment of Weather Stickers

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    National Weather Asscociation Foundation - AcuRite Merchandise

    AcuRite proudly sponsors the National Weather Association Foundation by giving 100% of AcuRite merchandise sales profits to the organization. AcuRite’s goals in weather education are closely aligned with their mission: “To support meteorology students and educators with financial assistance, encouragement and recognition; to create opportunities for public awareness and engagement for resilience to high impact weather."

    AcuRite Stickers Dimensions
    Weather Nerd 5-inch x 2-inch
    AcuRite Logo 5-inch x 2-inch
    I Love Weather 5-inch x 2-inch
    Eyes On the Sky 3-inch x 3-inch
    Storm Spotter 3-inch Diameter
    Jr Weather Watcher 3-inch Diameter
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