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Whether you're looking for a digital thermometer, traditional thermometer or one of our advanced hygrometers, we'll provide the ideal weather instrument for your home. Many of our products track temperature and humidity in one easy-to-read device.

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Shop a variety thermometers and hygrometers to find the right weather technology for outdoors or inside your home. Our basic thermometers can be placed in the backyard or around the house for quick temperature checks and rainfall calculations, while our digital thermometers come equipped with features such as multiple remote weather sensors for up to 4 rooms, programmable alarms to alert any changes to your present temperatures, and humidity gauges. Browse our selection of thermometers that can integrate with the My AcuRite App or choose from our selection of decorative thermometers for style and function. Plus, we also offer a multi-function indoor and outdoor clocks that measure humidity and temperature.

Plus, explore AcuRite’s range of weather stations, rain gauges, portable weather devices, weather sensors and more. Our weather devices assist you in measuring key data such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point and barometric pressure.

AcuRite provides you with the leading weather stations and home monitoring devices to ensure your home is equipped with the home technology it needs to run efficiently inside and outdoors. Shop our weather stations and supplement your home monitoring environment with other weather devices. Or explore our inventory of indoor clocks and outdoor clocks, kitchen devices, gardening tools.