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Water Detector

Add-on Water Detector


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  • Water Detector Water Detector

Add-on Water Detector

Quick Overview

  • Detects the presence or absence of liquids, leaks and flooding
  • Two or more Water Detectors can be linked together in a “daisy chain,” expanding the leak detection monitoring area
  • Detector is positioned on a long 5-foot (1.5 meter) wired cord, perfect for hard-to-reach places
  • Durable, all-weather construction – for indoor or outdoor use
  • Includes zip ties for installation and can be secured to objects, or use the integrated hanger for easy mounting
  • Requires either a Room Monitor (sold separately) or Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor (sold separately) to be operational

Model #: 06010RM

Availability: In stock



Stay informed of water leak conditions affecting the places and things you care about.

Get peace of mind about leaks, water damage, sump pump failure or flooding. With an AcuRite Water Leak Detector, you can get alerted to liquid-related issues in time to take action.

Suggested Water Leak Detector uses can include:

  • Early detection of basement flooding or sump pump failure
  • Detecting leaky appliances
  • Checking for roof or chimney water leaks
  • Tracking high or low water level in pools, ponds, tanks and fountains
  • Protecting valuables from water damage in garages, attics, crawl spaces and other storage areas

Easy 1-2-3 Setup

Setup is simple, the Water Detector plugs into either a Room Monitor or an Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor (required; sold separately). Then, position the Detector in the location where you want to stay informed of liquid intrusion.

If you wish to monitor a large area for leaks or flooding, two or more Add-on Water Leak Detectors can be linked together in a “daisy chain” to expand your monitoring area.

Includes: Water Detector, zip ties, instruction manual
Warranty: Limited one-year warranty

Companion Products (sold separately)

Room Monitor

  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensors measure conditions where the Monitor is located
  • Integrated digital display shows Monitor and add-on Wired Sensor information at-a-glance
  • Compatible with add-on wired sensors
  • Learn more ►

Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Monitor

  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensors measure conditions where the Monitor is located
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor use
  • Compatible with add-on wired sensors
  • Learn more ►


Water Detector Specifications

DimensionsSensor: 3.75-inches Height x 1.5-inches Width x 0.5-inches Depth
Cord: 5-feet (1.5 meter)
  1. Agree with Ken review by James on 12/31/2016

    Sensor wire is too short and extension extension wire is not offered. I am trying to monitor a refrigerator leak and the wire is short for that application. Also monitoring water heater. As Ken explained it makes no sense that the water monitor has to be connected to a temperature monitor. I don't need the temperature part -- just the water sensing. The water sensor should be stand alone without the temerature connection. Also giving it 3 stars for poor design.

  2. It works but the cable design is short sighted review by Ken on 4/5/2016

    This water detector is very sensitive. Just a moist sponge will set if off. So it seems to work well in that respect.

    The problem with it is the cable that connects it to the room monitor is only 5 feet long and they offer no extension cable and a standard mini-USB will not fit it.

    The room monitor has a display with a temp and humidity reading. Most people would like to see this easily when the walk past or go in to the room or space. It's only an LCD screen and not backlit so you need to be somewhat close to it to see it.

    With only a 5 foot cable to the water detector, this means if you want the room monitor at a typical height most people mount thermometers, clocks and other things we actually like to look at (4'6" to 5' off the floor), the water detector has to be on the floor right at the base of the wall. What if the item you are concerned about is away from the wall a bit?

    In my case, I am monitoring a hot water heater; I have to mount the room monitor at around 3 feet off the floor on the wall in order to sit the water detector next to the water heater. Otherwise the water heater would have to leak so much it would have to run to or puddle next to the baseboard 2 feet away for the water detector to sound the alarm. What if the floor is out of level a little bit in the other direction? The other wall is even further away.

    In my other case, I am concerned about a dehumidifier in the middle of a space leaking. You put dehumidifiers and often sump pumps usually not very close to walls. You would have to dangle the room monitor from the ceiling in that case to get the water detector anywhere near the possible source of water.

    Trying to catch a leak in a roof before it causes damage? You better hope the water runs down the wall you have the room monitor attached to, because that floor below is where the water detector has to be.

    The room monitors are wireless. The outdoor monitors are wireless. Why they would design a wired connection for the water detector I cannot fathom, and then to give it only 5 feet of cable and it not even occur to them they might need to offer and extension cable?

    Great idea...bad execution.

    Otherwise, the water detector works very well. That's why I gave it 3 stars. It works well, the problem is getting it near the possible source of the problem while still having the room monitor display it attaches to at a reasonable height off the floor on the wall.

    I suppose you can just lay the room monitor on the floor rather than wall mount it, but that would be laughable and would give you temp and humidity at floor level readings on the main display rather than at mid height of the space which is what most of us are looking for. There are already water detectors available you sit right on the floor and they scream so loud your neighbors might even hear it. But, hey, this one has a fancy color display in another room...so that's cool...right?

    I am keeping these and the system I bought. But buyer beware. Know exactly what you are getting from Accurite, read ALL the fine print and dont expect too much from these products. They are not serious weather or conditions monitoring equipment, they are something cool to look at and get a "near-guess" of what's going on around you.

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