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5-in-1 Weather Environment System

Color Display & 5-in-1 Weather Environment System with PC Connect and My AcuRite

MSRP: $319.97

Sale: $239.98

(In stock)

  • 5-in-1 Weather Environment System 5-in-1 Weather Environment System
  • My AcuRite Environment Monitoring Software My AcuRite Environment Monitoring Software
  • 5-in-1 Weather Station 5-in-1 Weather Station
  • Color Weather Station Display Color Weather Station Display
  • Color Display Color Display
  • AcuRite Access with Remote Monitoring AcuRite Access with Remote Monitoring
  • AcuRite Access with Remote Monitoring AcuRite Access with Remote Monitoring
  • AcuRite Access with Remote Monitoring AcuRite Access with Remote Monitoring

Color Display & 5-in-1 Weather Environment System with PC Connect and My AcuRite

Quick Overview

The Color Display & 5-in-1 Weather Environment System with PC Connect and My AcuRite includes an AcuRite Access, a color weather station display with PC Connect for 5-in-1 sensor data, and a PRO+ 5-in-1 weather sensor. Complimentary My AcuRite app lets you monitor your sensor data remotely.

Measures temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, and barometric pressure. Conveniently view conditions on the color display, or remotely on a smartphone, tablet, or computer using the My AcuRite platform. My AcuRite also offers alerts, historical records, trend charts, and Rapid Fire updates to Weather Underground.

Limited one-year warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Model #: 900WES

Availability: In stock

MSRP: $319.97

Sale: $239.98

Color Display with PC Connect for 5-in-1 Weather Sensors   +$69.67
PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction   +$69.67
AcuRite Access for My AcuRite Remote Monitoring   +$100.64

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MSRP: $319.97

Sale: $239.98


Precision Weather Instruments

Measure rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

Illuminated Color Display

See all of your 5-in-1 sensor data, the weather forecast, plus indoor temperature and humidity—all at-a-glance on a digital display screen.

PC and Mac Compatible Data Logger

PC Connect lets you download 5-in-1 sensor readings to your computer to analyze data patterns, and archive historical records.

Complimentary My AcuRite App

With My AcuRite you can view sensor data, conditions, history, trends, forecasts, and more on your mobile devices or computer.

Create Alerts to Take Action

Real-time email and phone notifications of changes in your home and outdoor environments.

History, Trends, plus High & Low Records

Analyze or download data to help guide decisions for a more efficient, healthy home.

Sharable Weather Information

Let friends and family access your current conditions, plus broadcast to communities like Weather Underground.


Track up to seven sensors with one AcuRite® Access™.

Free, US-based Technical Support

Talk to friendly, knowledgeable people for setup and operation assistance.

My AcuRite App

  • View your sensors on any iPhone, Android smartphone, computer or tablet with the complimentary My AcuRite App. Choose either a light or dark theme.
  • Create email and phone alerts to notify you when conditions change or your presets are reached.
  • Alerts can be triggered by events like rainfall, potential flood conditions, high wind speed, high or low temperature and humidity conditions, and more.
  • Easy-to-read, comprehensive trend observation with graphic charts and historical data.
  • Sensor data can be monitored privately, shared with others, or be reported to online weather communities like Weather Underground.
AcuRite Access
  • Provides access AcuRite sensor data using the My AcuRite app
  • Reports data for up to 7 compatible AcuRite sensors simultaneously (additional sensors sold separately)
  • Easy setup: Ethernet cable plugs into your internet router

PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor

  • Measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain
  • Two solar panels power the internal fan to maximize ambient temperature accuracy at all hours of the day (standard 5-in-1 includes only one solar panel)
  • Strong wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Transmits data every 18 to 36 seconds
  • Automatic self-emptying rain collection cup
  • 2 year battery life
  • Durable, all-weather construction
  • Easy installation includes mounting hardware

PC Connect for Windows

  • PC Connect digital display acts as a data logger; onboard memory stores up to 2 weeks of sensor data
  • Save outdoor weather records to a computer in a data file (CSV, or comma-separated values, record)
  • Easy to use: Display plugs into your computer’s USB port for data download
  • Use PC Connect to share your weather: Stream data to the My AcuRite app or send Rapid Fire updates to Weather Underground (requires connection to an always-on computer with internet)
  • Windows compatible
Color Display with PC Connect for 5-in-1 Sensor

Weather Environment System includes: AcuRite Access, Color Display with PC Connect for 5-in-1 Sensor Data, PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor, mounting bracket, tabletop stand, mounting hardware, Ethernet cable, power adapter, quick start guide, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited one-year warranty


AcuRite® Access™ for My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

System RequirementsNetwork router with an available Ethernet port, Internet connection
Power5V power adapter (included); 3 AA alkaline batteries (for backup, not included)
Dimensions2.8-inch Diameter x 4.5-inch Height

PC Connect Specifications

PC Connect System RequirementsWindows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7; 1.6 GHz or higher processor, 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit), Available USB port.
OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and higher
Data ReportingCSV Data Logging: 12 minute updates
PC Connect to My AcuRite: 18 second updates Learn more
Weather Underground: Rapid Fire updates Learn more

Color Display for 5-in-1 Sensor Specifications

Indoor Temperature Range32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit; Learn more
Indoor Humidity Range16% to 98% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy:+/- 4% from 16% to 20% Relative Humidity Learn more
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 98% Relative Humidity
Wind Direction Indicators16 points
Power4.5V power adapter (included; recommended for optimal display color), 6 AA alkaline (optional; not included)
Dimensions8.2-inches Height x 7.4-inches Width x 1.2-inches Depth

PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor Specifications

Temperature Range-40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit Learn more
Humidity Range1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy+/- 5% from 1% to 10% Relative Humidity Learn more
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Wind Speed0 to 99 mph; 0 to 159 kph
Wind Speed Accuracy+/-2 mph below 10 mph Learn more
+/- 3 mph from 10 to 30 mph
+/- 4 mph from 30 to 50 mph
+/- 5 mph from 50 to 99 mph
Wind Direction Indicators16 points
Rainfall Capacity0.01 inches (0.25 mm) and up
Rain Gauge Accuracy+/- 0.05" per inch of rainfall
Wireless Range330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials Learn more
Wireless Signal433 MHz
Power4 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries
*Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 degrees Celsius Learn more
Data ReportingWind Speed: 18 second updates
Wind Direction: 36 second updates
Temperature and Humidity: 36 second updates
Dimensions10.8-inches Height x 5.6-inches Width x 13.8-inches Depth
My AcuRite CompatibleYes Learn more


AcuRite® Access™ with My AcuRite Remote Monitoring

Color Weather Station Display with PC Connect 06006

PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor 06014

AcuRite PC Connect Instruction Manuals

  1. Love Everything but Display is BRIGHT review by Mark on 7/17/2017

    This unit has everything I could ask for - I am not a full time watcher but the convenience of being able to check the days high/low/current temps/wind/humidity... is great!
    Super easy to set up so I keep a log of all my data, and I can access it from any browser or phone I have. Super convenient anywhere I am.
    I am 60, and the 6006 display is really bright with a contrast I find hard to read from a distance. It also lights up my entire living room at night and makes for a distraction when watching TV. The dim button turns all the light off so you can only read if right next to you (only 2 options).
    I opted to buy the 06022 dark display to try instead. Will review it when I get it - supposed to have auto dimming, settable % brightness, so I should like that.

  2. Very happy! review by Ron on 7/2/2017

    I have had this unit for a month now and have been very pleased with it? The unit was easy to set up and the associated monitors (basement temp and humidity) connected easily. I was originally sent the wrong sensor but AcuRite sent me (no extra charge) the correct unit quickly! I was able to view the local weather and conditions (locally was Michigan) while on a cruise ship in Alaska... very fun. I whole heartedly recommend the unit.

  3. Very Nice Unit review by Scott on 4/14/2017

    Very easy to set up and seems like it is quite accurate. Had a little trouble getting the smart hub to work but a quick call to customer service took care of that. The transmit distance through the house and garage seems to be limited to about 75 ft but there are several walls in the way. The online reporting is fun I can easily check it from my tablet or cell phone. I have not set up the PC Connect as of yet.

  4. Don't waste your money on connectivity review by James on 3/10/2017

    I just got this unit this week and am extremely disappointed. The 5-N-1 sensor installed easily and connected great to the display unit. I also bought the outside sensor with the soil test probe to use in my garden. The problem is the PC Connect feature and the Smarthub, neither of which function reliably. The weather station sensor is 150 ft away from the color display and shows "4 bars" on the signal strength. The smarthub will not pick up any sensor that is more than 25-30 feet away despite line of sight and NO obstructions. I have repositioned the smarthub multiple places, utilized lithium batteries, tried different channels, nothing is working. The PC connect doesn't download despite it saying that is has "detected the display". The only reason I even gave it 2 stars is because the weather station sensor DOES work with the tabletop display. I should have known that at 1/3 the cost of better units( you know which company I'm talking about), this thing is little more than an expensive toy!

  5. AcuRite 5 in 1 Bundle review by Steven on 12/13/2016

    I bought the AcuRite 5 in 1 Bundle about 3 weeks ago. I bought it for our house in the mountains that we use as a getaway home. Because of the weather in the mountains, cold and snow, i needed a way to remotely monitor the conditions. This thing is great. Easy to make all the online connections. The only thing i am trying to figure out is the fact that my display shows one Pressure reading and my AcuRite website shows another. Still trying to figure out which one is correct.
    I would for sure recommend this product!

  6. Great Fun review by Mike on 10/12/2016

    This is our second system. We have one in our vacation home and enjoy checking in on the weather when we are away. The system is easy to set up and fun to use. Connection to the internet is fast. Customer service is excellent. Highly recommended.

  7. Excellent Unit - Easy to Install & Use review by Elliot on 10/8/2016

    I was looking for a quality built and highly recommended weather station for Father's Day. This unit hit all the checks!

    The unit has the "Dual Solar" option, which makes the temperature readings very accurate. I cannot speak for the single solar unit - but between many reviews, they seem to become off during sunset / sunrise... I do wish the solar panels charged the internal batteries...but they do not. You'll need to change them out at about 2 years, per the manual (I splurged on Lithium Batteries due to very cold temperatures in NY -- it hasn't been through a winter yet, but I expect this unit to do well). This particular unit also comes with the network connector and the color screen.

    The only thing I do not like with this particular unit, is that the color display's "ticker" feature is not that clear at certain angles and would be much better if it was LED or had adjustable contrast. In addition, certain features like Atomic Time and more customizable display is not available.

    I was able to get the unit for around $120 between a sale and coupon - which was really an amazing price. I would highly recommend this unit -- even at the $190 msrp and you will be very happy with the purchase!

  8. Whether to Buy or Wheather to Buy - I Did! review by SteveB on 10/7/2016

    Recently purchased the 900WES 5N1 Pro+ Weather Station - absolutely one dandy system. Love all this things does and now I don't have to wait for the rain to stop to see how much received, it's right there on the screen (:-)! If you buy the additional sensor to put in the attic or somewhere else, realize the only way to view those numbers is by logging into your computer and accessing the bridge. Now are for the Acu-Link app for your phone, works great and gives you all the main data from the base unit.

    My only (minor) issue is: if you are setting down and the main unit is in its (tilted) base, you can't see the numbers, you have to stand up or get closer. They were much more vivid and bold on the previous unit that I had.

    Otherwise, for home use, absolutely superb!

  9. 900WES weather station review by Richard on 6/9/2016

    This weather station is AWSOME. Gives me accurate, up to the minute weather info on our property that we aren't always at. We can remotely check on the weather at any time and was very easy to set up. I am adding a webcam into the mix for the total weather and data experience. Bonus was that our older stations indoor monitor co-existed with this system so we have 2 indoor monitors in 2 different areas of the property.

  10. Love Weather review by Weather Man Dan on 5/8/2016

    Awesome Great Grand product ! I recived this Weather Station as a gift and I had it set up and running the same day. I've compared the rain gauge to my regular rain and they are both pretty spot on with each other. I'm very satisfied with this model & would recommend it to any weather enthusiast. The mobile app is also great for keeping a eye on thing when you not around & with the new release of the new app platform I'm even more excited about using my weather station.

  11. Very pleased with my purchase review by Rick on 4/30/2016

    It's not perfect, but overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase.

    It's been installed four months now.
    I don't yet know the battery life for the 5-1.
    I'm hoping it's a while as I don't look forward to going back on the roof to stand on my head at the edge and change them.
    I used Energizer Lithium AA even though I'm not in a low temperature place. They are (much) more expensive, but do contain significantly more energy than any alkaline AA.

    As a weather station it works well.
    As a weather forecaster, it's absolutely worthless (it always says 99% chance of rain here in sunny San Diego).

    I have:
    - 5-1
    - 01036 Display (I have the Internet bridge, so do not use PC Connect feature).
    - Internet Bridge
    - Extra temperature/humidity sensor for indoor temperature monitoring (see note)

    Note: The 5-1 and other sensors talk to the display and/or bridge. The display does NOT talk to the bridge.
    The display has a barometric sensor and indoor temperature/humidity sensor.
    The bridge has a barometric sensor to report pressure. It does NOT have a built temperature/humidity sensor. You will need to buy an additional (~$20) sensor if you want to remotely monitor the temperature inside your house.

    I spent a few days thinking about where/how to mount the 5-1. I wanted unobstructed wind, of course, but also neede to be able to "easily" access the unit to change batteries. Before going to the roof, I set all the switches, installed batteries and powered everything up in my living room to make sure it all worked. Didn't want to come down from the roof, put the ladder away only to find things didn't work!

    - Setup and installation was straightforward. After a few days of pre-planning, it only took an hour or two to mount the extension pole on the roof and attach the 5-1. (The directions should mention that 3/4" PVC is what fits in the hole in the bottom of the unit). And that's really all there is to it, other than plugging setting a few switches and plugging things in.
    - Quality seems good (Though the very light weight of the 5-1 is a bit off putting - Feels cheap).
    - Syncing with the bridge was straightforward.
    - Setting up Account and My Backyard Weather apps was easy (a few bugs in iOS app).
    - Was able to set up Weather Underground station.
    - Community support forum is very helpful. Employees monitor and chime in so you get pretty much instant or next (business) day help.
    - The alarm features are neat, but have quirks that make some useless (see wind alert con below). The display will beep (see con below) or you can send yourself a text.
    - The ticker-tape on the display, eh. Not a con, but I'd almost rather scroll through a menu of information when I want it rather than wait for it to come by. What's the max wind this month? Wait, wait... is it coming...?
    - There are two small solar panels that operate a fan that helps to prevent sunlight on the 5-1 from affecting the outdoor temperature reading (see con, below).

    - Barometric auto-calibrate not having an over-ride ability is the biggest fault. I waited 30 days for it to calibrate "close, but wrong", when I could have simply set it and forget it. They have a patent on the auto calibrate. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...
    - Forecast always-always says its 99% going to rain (in San Diego lol).
    - Some weird quirks are not explained. For instance, most things (high/low temp) reset per day. Rain resets "per event", with the unit deciding when the rain is over. I've had days where it rained three times, but it reset in between, so I couldn't figure a total for the day.
    - Display has no contrast setting, so viewing angle is limited (can't read it well from "below").
    - Display has some annoying quirks (can't take it completely out of setting mode. It sits there saying, "Set Units?")
    - Display backlight should detect ambient lighting and dim accordingly
    - Phone support access is non-existent. There is a community-forum for help, which employees monitor and chime in on, so you pretty much get instant or next (business) day help.
    - Some of the bridge alarms need to be thought through better and improved. For instance if you set a high wind alarm for 30MPH, every time it gusts over 30, you get a text, maybe a hundred a day. Makes it worthless. (Why couldn't it limit itself to once per hour or once per day, or let me select between the two?)
    - The display alarms beep until you acknowledge them. I wish they would quit after some (user selectable?) time. I had to turn ALL of mine off after coming home and having my wife say, "that **** thing has been beeping ALL day and is driving me CRAZY!", when the humidity dropped below 15%...
    - I live where there is no snow (but grew up where there was plenty). I think that snow would pretty much gum up the works for the entire winter. Obviously it's not going to go through the rain guage (and measure snow). It'll most likely jam the anemometer (wind speed cups). Maybe the direction vane would keep working. So you'd know the outside temperature/humidity and wind direction. Better than nothing. Just keep your expectations reasonable.
    - There are two small solar panels that operate a fan that helps to prevent sunlight on the 5-1 from affecting the outdoor temperature reading (see con, below). Seems to work for me, but many users report that their outdoor air temperature is still greatly affected by sunlight heating the unit. I'm worried that the fans will eventually wear out,
    - The batteries are in a hard to access arrangement in the bottom of the unit. It looked like it would be very difficult to change them while balancing on my toes on the edge of my roof, looking up into the receptacle... I actually came up with a two piece pole arrangement connected by a hitch-pin. That way I was able to install the 5-1 higher than I could "reach" on the roof. When I need to change batteries, I can separate the poles and take down the 5-1, safely change the batteries and put it back up. I still need to go on the roof.
    - Why don't the solar panels power/recharge the unit? Have a switch for batteries (for cloudy places), or rechargeables for me in San Diego. I don't think it would add significantly to the cost and I'd really, really like the idea of not having to go up on my roof once(?) a year to change batteries. Alternatively, maybe a plug in remote battery pack (at the bottom of the pole)? Need to consider lightning risks... But a weather proof battery box mounted to my wall would be real nice.

  12. Customer =Service unavailable review by nonyupie on 4/18/2016

    Opened the box on Saturday and installed the outside unit, easy enough. Turned on the inside monitor and connected to the outside unit - good to go. Now for the reason for the bad review - installed the acu-link per the instructions and got to the flashing blue lights so far so good, tried to connect on two droid cell phones, a droid tab and a pc - no luck... tried calling support, not availble on the weekend - no chat support, no email support, no voice mail, no twitter, no facebook - nothing. I work during the week so calling between their hours is not an option so what now? Do not purchase if you have a job and need help.

  13. Very good product review by JPO on 3/19/2016

    Having had and used Davis and LaCrosse unit I am pleased with this item. The system set up quickly and easily although I had minor problems registering the unit and getting it on line at Acurite. The customer service, when I called, was exemplary and the reps got me up and running quickly with very little phone wait time. The unit is quite accurate and had the added benefit of picking up data from an older Acurite 3 in 1 that I have had running for about 3 years. The future weather preduction is fairly accurate and I would say it rivals the forecasts of every meteorological forecast in area. My data is streaming on Weather Underground, and set up there was simple. The key word I have used often is "simple" which I cannot stress enough, especially having used the previously mentioned units which were anything but in setup and use. In closing, I highly recommend this unit for all casual users, especially at this price.

  14. Works as expected review by Steven on 12/28/2015

    I've been wanting a weather station for a number of years. I had an older AcuRite Temperature/Humidity station that worked great but didn't have rain fall or wind information. After reading the manuals and reviews we finally broke down and purchased this one. As others have said, it was real easy to setup and link to Weather Underground. Probably the hardest part was installing the sensor far enough away from the roof so the summer radiant heat doesn't effect the unit. Will have to see what happens in a few months. My only complaint would be the display does not have a contrast adjustment, so the scrolling information can be, at times, a little fuzzy. But I think I can live with that.

    If you are thinking about one of these products this by far is the best deal and it works very well.

  15. Looks like a good entry level unit review by KMISALIN2 on 12/23/2015

    Have only had the unit out of the box a short time. Replacing a WMR100a. The WMR100a appears to be higher quality but time will tell. I neglected to read throughly and did not realize the unit was NOT solar powered. The solar panel handles the air circulation not the wireless transmitter. This was a HUGE disappointment on my part. 4 batteries power the unit akin to most others. My WMR batteries (rechargeable) lasted 6-10 months - Accurite claims Lithium will last 2 years and do not suggest rechargeable - so we shall see.

    Time will tell after I burn in the unit and mount it outdoor. If you are starting out - this may be a good unit. We'll see how well the PC interface and transmission to things like Wunderground work.

  16. Works about as expected for a weather toy review by Rex on 9/26/2015

    The forecast function is basically useless. Mine always shows it is going to rain. I have gone through the month long calibration several times but get the same result each time. The lighted display panel should show all outside temp sensors but it only shows one so that needs to be improved.
    You have no way to know other than comparing your data to the local weather station about the rain fall. I hope that works ok but since I live in the desert where we only get 5 inches of rain for the entire year it isn't a big deal. I like it on my desk and it looks nice but I think of it more as a novelty than a real weather instrument.

  17. 5 in one sensor, color display, and bridge review by Laura P on 8/25/2015

    This review is for the 5 in one sensor, color display, and bridge - I love my 5 in one! The color display is appealing and easy to read. The bridge makes it so the system is completely wireless and my laptop does not need to be connected for it to operate 24/7... I can monitor the weather at my station remotely via the Backyard software or Weather Underground with my smartphone or my ipad. I am a trained severe weather spotter for MSSL and this unit makes my reporting thorough, accurate, and simple. Relatively easy to install and connect if you follow the directions. Way to go AcuRite! Thanks for a great product!

  18. Very nice weather station solution! review by Rudy on 8/4/2015

    We wanted a solution to have the following features:

    *8" LCD screen (backlit
    *Indoor/Outdoor Temp & Humidity
    *Wind Speed/Direction
    *Barometric Pressure w/ Trend
    *wind chill
    *Self-emptying (tipping bucket) rain gauge with debris screen
    *Weather forecast icons (storm likely, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain likely, snow likely, chance of mixed rain & snow)
    *Streaming Weather Ticker
    *Tabletop or Wall-mountable
    *Wireless technology transmits data through walls & long distances
    *Transmission range: up to 330 feet open air
    *Temperature accuracy: up to ± 4°F
    *Wind speed accuracy: up to ± 5mph
    *Able to Connect to a PC w/ USB Cable
    *Able to Connect to a iphone
    *Able to Connect to a Windows Phone
    *Current moon phase
    *Hunting & Fishing Activity Meter

    However, it does not include these features:
    *Current moon phase - But, it displays the moon phases across the ticker at the bottom of the indoor display.
    *Hunting & Fishing Activity Meter

    With the guidance of AcuRite's support staff, we chose the 900wes.

    The only inaccuracies identified thus far are wind readings some time.

    It was easy to install, setup, configure, and get the information to sync with the mobile application and on WunderGround!

    The device has been very good at weather prediction and tracking.

  19. Excellent Weather Station! review by John on 7/23/2015

    Replaced a WS from a competitor (LaCrosse 308) after several years, and couldn't be happier with this one! Display is bright and clear (could use a contrast setting so you could adjust for different viewing angles) and the sensor and bridge work exactly as described. Looks great and works even better! Try this one...

  20. It's a great PWS! review by Ed on 7/20/2015

    I picked up the 5 in 1 PWS with color display and bridge for the internet on a Father's day special. It was VERY easy to set up the equipment - took about 30 minutes or so and weather data was visible and flowing to Weather Underground. Spent most of my time preparing for the installation - nice tall pole with strong supports, etc. Nice to see what the weather is exactly where I am and not guesstimate from a different station. Temperature, rain, etc varies significantly from where I'm at in the mountains. An excellent package and I recommend the buy! It would be nice if at some point they included a small weather cam that fed a video feed - just a thought.

  21. Multple stations. review by Thomas on 7/6/2015

    Awesome. This my second one.

  22. Great System review by Mark on 5/4/2015

    I replaced a failing system, and wanted something beyond just temperature and humidity sensors. After researching several systems, including several different AcuRite systems, I ordered this. I could not be happier with the choice.

    The advantages to this package are 1) the Professional version of the 5-in-1 sensor that includes dual solar panels vs. just one, 2) The USB version of the color display, and 3) The network bridge that allows information to be accessed online or through an app without having to have a PC connected and always on.

    I added a couple of temperature/humidity sensors and a second displays to complete the system, allowing me to monitor outdoor conditions from two rooms and monitor a couple of areas (like our wine storage area) from anywhere via the cloud.

    Setup could not have been easier. I wound up mounting the 5-1 in about 12-feet above the ground on a series of unused metal pipes I had that were for mounting bird feeders. The hardest part was ensuring they were providing a level base for the sensor. Once that is done, the rest is just a matter of turning components on and registering the bridge with the website. My 5-in-1 is about 120-feet away from the bridge and about the same distance from the two displays, and the reception is fine.

    In short, if you are looking for a system that provides a solid display, the ability to download information to the computer, and send the information to the AcuRite cloud for remote monitoring/viewing, this package is the one. I'll (hopefully) review the individual components on their own sites, so details can be seen on those pages.

  23. It's working, I just need to.... review by Tom on 5/4/2015

    stop for a while and read about what it can do for me. It is linked to Weather Underground and so that makes me quite pleased!

  24. love it!!!!! review by Marc Nichols on 3/14/2015

    iv had about 4 differnt weather station's this is the best i have ever owned when it says its going to rain it is going to rain or storms I LOVE IT did i tell you that I LOVE THIS WEATHER STATION thank you ACURITE FOR MAKING A GREAT WEATHER STATION!!!!!!! Marc Nichols Birmingham Alabama

  25. Great system review by Stephen on 2/11/2015

    If your on the fence about this one just do it. I have a Davis weather system and it cost a lot more than this did. The data I get from this system is as good as the Davis system.

  26. Excellent product review by Kishbrau on 12/30/2014

    All it was advertised to be and more!!
    Very easy set up. Fun to add your sensor to the Weather Underground website!
    The ipad and on-line computer apps are awesome!
    The iphone app does not allow "calculated" items to be displayed, like wind chill and dewpoint. Hope it will be added in the future,
    Like it so much i ordered two more temp/rh sensors for my indoor temp/rh and attic temp/rh.

    Well engineered!

  27. Weather information review by LeRoy on 12/17/2014

    This gives me all the current and past history of what is happening at home and that I can retrieve any place I am located though my phone's AcuRite app. Really awesome.
    Love the color display,so easy to use compact design of collection center, and value.
    I have had other companies (Oregon Scientific) weather stations that I paid twice the price for that never held up and didn't give the amount of information my AcuRite Weather station does.
    Matter of fact I have two AcuRite Weather Stations one that I take along in our RV's 5th wheel.

  28. Great Color Display and App review by Kendall on 11/17/2014

    I really like the color display for this product over the black and white versions I've seen on some other display units. The color is easier to read and looks nicer overall. Setting up the outdoor sensor was easy once I found a good place for it. When I was setting up the bridge for the internet, it was very easy for me to set it up. I like seeing the weather around my house on my phone so I know what to expect when I head home from work. You get a lot of features for the price. I would recommend this to a friend.

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