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AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor

PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction

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  • AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor
  • AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor
  • AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor
  • AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor AcuRIte 5-in-1 Professional Weather Sensor

PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor: Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Wind Direction

Quick Overview

AcuRite's high-precision PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor accurately measures five different outdoor conditions, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain. It features two solar panels to allow the sensor's solar-powered internal aspirating fan to run more frequently (the standard 5-in-1 weather sensor has only one solar panel). The fan improves airflow to ensure highly accurate ambient temperature readings.

The sensor can be paired with an indoor digital display to view current conditions at-a-glance, or it can be used with the AcuRite smartHUB, allowing you to monitor your sensor information from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Model #: 06014M, 06014RM, 06014RMA1

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $99.99

Special Price $89.99


PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor

  • Measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain
  • Two solar panels power the internal fan to maximize ambient temperature accuracy at all hours of the day (standard 5-in-1 includes only one solar panel)
  • Strong wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Transmits data every 18 to 36 seconds
  • Automatic self-emptying rain collection cup
  • 2 year battery life
  • Durable, all-weather construction
  • Easy installation includes mounting hardware


Includes: PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather sensor, mounting bracket, debris filter, mounting hardware, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor Specifications

Temperature Range-40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy+/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit Learn more
Humidity Range1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy+/- 5% from 1% to 10% Relative Humidity Learn more
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Wind Speed0 to 99 mph; 0 to 159 kph
Wind Speed Accuracy+/-2 mph below 10 mph Learn more
+/- 3 mph from 10 to 30 mph
+/- 4 mph from 30 to 50 mph
+/- 5 mph from 50 to 99 mph
Wind Direction Indicators16 points
Rainfall Capacity0.01 inches (0.25 mm) and up
Rain Gauge Accuracy+/- 0.05" per inch of rainfall
Wireless Range330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials Learn more
Wireless Signal433 MHz
Power4 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries
*Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 degrees Celsius Learn more
Data ReportingWind Speed: 18 second updates
Wind Direction: 36 second updates
Temperature and Humidity: 36 second updates
Dimensions10.8-inches Height x 5.6-inches Width x 13.8-inches Depth
My AcuRite CompatibleYes Learn more
  1. Not so good review by Ronald on 7/22/2017

    This was a replacement for an older 5 in 1 I have. After installing it I noticed the wind speed was not registering. I tried resetting it several times to no avail. I had to send it back to be repaired/replaced.

  2. Great value, works well review by Llamadave on 7/20/2017

    We had a 4.5 inch rain over two days and the rainfall agreed exactly with a cup-type gauge located a few hundred feet away. The temperature reading can be a couple of degrees higher in the sun compared to an Acurite temp sensor on the north side of the house.

  3. Couple of deficiencies but overall good review by Greg on 7/17/2017

    Overall I like the unit but think that the rain gauge should be set 'out of the box'. I spent over an hour getting this set. Another flaw that I see is the internal fan which is used to cool the temperature sensor. I am skeptical on the longevity of the fan. The concept is good but design could have been improved to eliminate the moving part.

  4. it took a long time but i finally have a nice weather station. review by fixitwill60 on 6/2/2017

    Considering that I ordered this April 17 and I've had it up on the roof for just a little under a week now you see what I mean about a long time! It was only because the first device had a little problem out of the box, and it took this long to get it resolved. There was a lot of miscommunication and that probably helped the length of time. But someone at Accu right finally took the bull by the horns and really helped me out a lot. So now that it's been up on the roof and running for several days I'm so happy with this weather station. I've waited a long time to get one that had all the features that this does. I just wish it would rain again so I could check the ring gauge! Ha ha I ordered it with the lightning sensor just because I'm a gadget guy it doesn't really lightning around here much but I'll be darned if a storm did come within 25 miles of me and it did have lightning and the sensor did pick it up although it said it was within 5 miles which it wasn't but I was happy that it picked it up it actually does work to an extent. The wind direction works beautifully which was the problem with the first weather station that I purchased it must've been damaged somehow and the direction vein stuck East most of the time this one is flawless so far and the different ways you can track events is unbelievable you can go back to any day of the month and it has various graphs for whatever time peroid you may need. In fact right now as I am typing up this review there are some lightning about 50 miles away and the sensor is picking it up I just checked Realtime radar. I love the weather always have and now I can keep track of it a little better. I left some pretty harsh comments on every website I could find trying to speed up the process which didn't work so I hope this review makes up for it a little. I'm still a little upset it took over a month and a half to get a new weather station sent to me but it's life it's done now and I have a good working one so thank you very much Accu right for hanging in there and not trying to just refund my money which did happen but in the end it worked out.

  5. Bundle with MyAcurite Hub and a Monitoring Station review by Louis on 4/28/2017

    I've already partially reviewed the pro+ 5-in-1 in a review with the myAcurite portion; however, this is just for the Pro. The two challenges were to accurately calibrate the rain gauge and get the screws to penetrate the plastic going into the piece that attaches to the Pro. Other than that and being steady enough at 25 feet above ground to get the Pro pointed south, all went well. The system appears to be very accurate and is just about finished "learning" the local weather so the local forecasts should be getting at least as good as the television and radio weather forecasters...and with a lot more fun! We have hail in our area sometimes and it would be nice if the device came with protection, maybe a bubble-wrap cover/blanket or something like that which would deflect at least minor hailstones so the system would not be damaged. After all, during bad weather is when you want your weather system up; besides, mine is on the top of my second story roof and with the weather we have, I'd be on the roof constantly either putting the station up or taking it down. Not fun during a storm!

  6. Works good so far review by Scott on 4/14/2017

    Was easy to mount and set up, seems like the wind speed reading my be a little low, other than that works great. Would like to see the solar panels being able charge the backup batteries.

  7. Well made and easy to install. review by George on 4/4/2017

    This unit is well made and easy to install and use. One question though, How do you use the level bubble on top when the sensor is 16 feet in the air?

  8. It is okay review by Chandler on 4/1/2017

    When I bought this sensor, I expected it to work good. It was a replacement for my old weather station because the sensor that it came with after about 4 years started to drop a signal. When I got this one I set it up and put it outside. After a couple days, it started doing the same thing, dropping a signal. I have narrowed the problem down to the sensor not putting out a signal. This is a huge problem. I wouldn't expect this from Acurite. Fix this.

  9. Love this all in one unit review by Jack on 2/15/2017

    Well designed and easy to install. Slips easily on to pole and easy to secure. Signal connection to console is easy. Very reliable connection that has not dropped off. The software interface has a very nice appearance on any of my devices that have "my acurite" installed. So easy to connect to my PWS account. One thing I think lacks is the need for a leaf/debris mesh or screen over the rain collection troff. I did cut to fit a plastic lager mesh and placed it over the opening. Just two weeks into operation so longevity is not known yet. I expect there will be no issues.

  10. Great unit review by Robert on 2/14/2017

    I had to buy the 5-1n-1 Pro model 06014 because my 5-in-1 failed after about 6 years of great service. The new pro model has an additional fan which is a great upgrade. Unit was easy to install and is working fine.

  11. Snow accumulation on the unit review by Jean on 2/14/2017

    I live in Canada and we normally get a fair bit of snow. I had to take the unit down to remove snow accumulation which jams the anemometer. Wind direction is okay. Unit would be much better with a longer anemometer shaft for regions like mine. Wind speed seems to indicate low when compare with other units in my neighborhood.

  12. Nice replacement for failed unit. review by Bobby on 12/20/2016

    This is a replacement for another company's unit that failed and cannot be repaired. Two things need to be added to make the combo package perfect. An AC power supply for the remote sensor. I have mine mounted 15 feet up on a pole above the roof of my house making it hard to change the batteries. Yes, you have the remote battery supply unit but I still have to remember to change them, an AC unit which I could be plug into the outlet at the base of the pole, way more convenient. I plan ti get the remote battery unit then cut off the battery pack and replace it with an AC power supply. Any old power supply you have laying around will work as long as it's output is DC of the correct voltage and sufficient amperage.

  13. Not worth the money review by Pete on 12/20/2016

    This is a low quality weather sensor. First, the wind vane seems to have a detent in the ESE position, almost like a magnet is grabbing it. The wind has to be over 5mph for the vane to move from the ESE position. Not good when reporting weather online. In addition, the rain gauge worked fine for 3 weeks, then 3 days ago we had rain. My other 2 professional weather stations recorded around .4" of rain, but this station for some reason tripled the amount so every .01" was being recorded as .03". So the actual .4" recorded as over 1.20" on this sensor. Also, I'm not even sure the fan is working (powered by the solar panels). In full sun, it is giving me readings too high ( as opposed to another station I have in full sun which is extremely accurate.)

  14. So far so good! review by William on 11/16/2016

    Only had this up for a week, but it is performing as designed and described! Easy enough to install.

  15. Replaced previous model when temp module failed review by Randy on 11/7/2016

    The PRO 5in1 model worked fine for about 11 months and then the temperature module failed. I received no assistance in fixing or replacing it. The 4 other sensors continued to operate properly. After 12 months of putting up with the defective temperature module I replaced the unit. At one month old the new unit is still working properly.

  16. Great unit review by RichMB on 9/22/2016

    Great unit, but I have to replace them every two years to keep the rain gauge and humidity sensor working correct. Very happy with the replacement , easy to pair.

  17. Very easy to set up review by James on 9/8/2016

    I had the 06014RM PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor mounted on a pole and running very quickly. Great weather station and display! Thank you AcuRite! I used a pole and clamp from Wildbirds Unlimited to attach it to the top rail of my deck.

  18. Very nice all in one unit review by Rollin Thunder on 8/19/2016

    This unit is a bargain and compares well to much more expensive models. Solar panels run a fan for temperature aspiration. Mount and unit fit a standard 3/4 inch pole. Can view dew point (converted from RH) on an external display or the acu-link website (if you also get the internet bridge). If mounting out of reach, be sure and check out the remote battery pack which allows you to place the batteries up to 30 feet from the unit for easy changing.

  19. 5 in 1 pro+ review by Dave on 8/19/2016

    Operational expectations met! Mounting screws are completely inferior with regard to length and diameter! The screws would not reach the anchors after passing through the thickness of the mounting bracket! Diameter does not provide enough "beef" to hold up against severe wind and storms! Product longevity to be determined.

  20. Fantastic Weather Station review by Jim in GA on 8/18/2016

    I am very happy with the weather station. It was very easy to set up and is something I have wanted for a long time. Great product at a very good price. I can now see just how much rain we are having at my home and adjust watering accordingly.

  21. Sensible unit for a harsh humid salt-air location review by Mark - Texas on 8/17/2016

    I expect failures due to locating this unit within 1000 ft, of a Gulf beach. Replacement cost is less than many competitor's units. Generally, the 5n1 sensor lasts 18 mo. to two years in this harsh environment. Latest replacement was due to the temperature sensor failing. During my conversation with Acu-Rite, they stated they have improved the protection of the temperature board, due to shortened life. I still recommend Acu-Rite products, their customer service and product development is pro-active.

  22. Replacement unit seems to be working properly. review by Howard on 8/4/2016

    I received the Weather station for my birthday in October. I couldn't get it to calibrate for proper rainfall amount. End of December it quit working altogether. I called and was told I could sent the defective unit back (at my expense--$20.00) which I did. I was told that the engineers looked over my unit, replaced some parts, and returned it to me. It didn't work. I called again and ad we trouble shooted it. Nothing worked. I was sent another newer version and it seems to be working right now. I only gave the unit a low grade because I don't feel I should have had to return the defective unit at my expense.

  23. Batteries review by Batteries on 7/9/2016

    Suggestion: the unit should have rechargeable batteries and the solar cells should be used to charge them.

  24. great bargain review by Kevin on 7/7/2016

    the 5 in1 works well for what I need. best of all we are tied in to a larger community.

  25. Not overly impressed with thermometer review by Benjamin on 7/5/2016

    I bought the pro+ 5 in 1 sensor after reading reviews about the standard single solar cell sensor not adequately powering the fan used to pull in ambient air into the sensor. I have to say I'm not very impressed with the accuracy of the temperature during the day. At night, in the early mornings and later evenings, and on cloudy days, I have no problem with the temperature being within 1-2 degrees of other near-by weather sensors (both amateur and NWS official). During the sunny days however it's almost always 3-4+ degrees warmer than the other sources, and there's nothing situationally unique about where my property is/the unit is situated to cause this difference. The unit simply gets too hot in the sun and the fan is inadequate to measure accurate air temperatures. I've had the unit replaced once by the company and the new unit is equally inaccurate. I've no reason to not trust the rain gauge or humidity readings. Also, don't expect wind readings to match what you see on TV (I didn't so I'm not 'complaining about this part') - official wind is taken in open areas over 30 feet off the ground. Next time you see a huge gust blow by notice the wind on the ground is less than half as intense as what is in the trees.

  26. Good product but need some improvement review by Ramon on 5/20/2016

    After a one year using the 5-1 sensor was broken, always the temp is to high. Now i buy PRO+ 5-in-1 Weather Sensor. The temperature is much better because the pro has two panels for the fan but still marking high the temperature in comparison to other weather sensor. That cause weather underground take me out for the web map. So need some more improvement.

  27. Great 5 in one product review by monroe on 4/29/2016

    I have installed the new 5 in one Pro sensors on my weather system. It is functioning perfectly and the temperature readout is much more stable and correct.

    Thank you, AcuRite
    Monty King

  28. Excellent customer service review by Doug on 2/10/2016

    I had a problem with my temperature sensor on my PRO 5-in-1. It was just past the warranty period. I chatted with Jennifer in Customer service. She made arrangements for me to get a new sensor and let me know that the coast is hard on them. Excellent customer service!!

  29. Great product review by Gerald on 2/2/2016

    I ordered this unit to replace my old single solar cell unit that had been damaged in a big hail storm. It has been up now for almost two weeks, no problem. The old unit was very erratic on outdoor temps compared to a Radio Shack outdoor temp unit. I just hope this new unit will do better. If not, I can still refer to the other reading since the readouts are next to one another.

  30. Good customer service review by RickinNWOH on 11/17/2015

    I initially installed the dual solar panel unit in early 2015. I noticed that during the Summer of 2015 the temperature readings would be as much as eight degrees higher than another temp sensor I had that was located in a shaded location. I removed the dual "head" and discovered that the internal fan would not spin with direct sun shining on the panels. If I gave it a push, it would stay spinning but would stop if shaded, and would not restart without a push. After I explained the situation to customer service, they sent a replacement head under warranty. I've been tracking the temps with the new head, and they're consistently within one degree of the sensor located in the shaded area. My thanks to Acurite for standing behind their product. I can recommend their products without hesitation.

  31. It does almost everything it states review by Rudy on 8/4/2015

    The 5-in-1 PRO Weather Sensor was easy to install and setup.

    The only thing that I am not sure is too accurate is the wind.

    This morning we had a huge gust of wind that moved our 8'x4' metal and tile table 30' across the yard, with the 60lb base still attached.

    The wind gauge shows highest gust today was 9mph...

    Since this install we have had 30mph sustained winds that the device has recorded and no furniture was moved.

  32. Worth the money for the upgraded sensor review by Jeff_G on 6/25/2015

    I recently bought the 5-in-1 system however I saw that the outside temp was extremely high especially on sunny days. I called the company and they suggested I check to see if the fan was working properly and when I examined it, the fan would only operate in direct sunlight. Any light that was off-angle and not directly hitting the solar panel would not power the fan.
    Since I was still covered by the warranty, Cheney sent me the upgraded sensor unit with the 2-photocell system and that made all the difference. Outside temps are very accurate and reflect current conditions without any problems.
    Cheney sent me an entire sending unit, but if you are serious about monitoring the weather, I would strongly suggest you get the Pro upgrade which you can install in under 5 min with just a Phillips screwdriver. It is $35.00 well spent and you won't regret it.

  33. Easy Install, Great Price, but needs some improvements. review by Michael on 6/24/2015

    Great price, easy install and setup with an excellent color display. However, the 5-in-1 PRO Weather Sensor Station needs some improvements. Temperature readings are 5 to 8 degrees too high in static temps above 80 degrees as unit housing gets hot from Sun and skews the static temp readings. Suggest that Acurite drop the temp sensor in 5-in-1 and allow user to use a remote sensor as the main temp sensor for the main display unit that can be placed in an area not directly in view of the Sun. Also, wind direction vane is too flimsy moving erratically due in part to its location under the housing where it gets wind disturbance and interference from the rain gauge portion of the housing and the mounting pole. Suggest a redesign where it is located above the wind speed cups and use a stiffer plastic with more length to make it more accurate, steady and durable.

  34. Easy to install review by Roger on 4/17/2015

    Like one of the previous reviewers mentioned, I also feel that the 2 solar panel 5 in 1 does not register the wind speed as appropriately as it should. Also my annual record for barometric pressure for high and low is 28.69/71.76; and 10.51/71.76 for the all time record. I guess we all could be dead if we hit those highs or lows. Installation was easy and I also used my cell phone to level the bracket as well as registering true north. Customer service was excellent once you get to tier 2 service. I am using the use port rather than a bridge. Customer service mentioned that with windows 7.xx would work better with a bridge.

  35. Fantastic sensor, provides the data I wanted review by Chris on 3/31/2015

    I bought this sensor as part of the Weather Environment System with Wind and Rain kit. I wanted the ability to monitor all 5 weather areas, not just the 3. I looked at several companies and this sensor (and other components) seems to be the best price/performance point.

    I mounted the sensor to a fence post with a short stand off to give the necessary height. I was able to rough level the mount then fine-tune with the sensor's built-in bubble level. It was a snap. The display started picking up the data before I was back in the house.

    The sensor seems rugged so we'll see how it stands up to a few years of harsh Great Lakes weather. I look forward to years of accurate data.

  36. General comments and rain gauge calibration tips. review by Rick in N.W. OH on 3/7/2015

    5 in 1 sensor
    I have used a single panel model for over a year now, and it still works great, but I bought the new twin solar panel model after reading other reviews that confirmed its effectiveness. I think I will notice the difference more this summer. I have data from the single panel model from last summer as well as from a tower sensor that was in a shady location. Graphing the data sets in a spreadsheet should give a clear comparison.
    I also decided to check the rain gauge calibration, on both 5 in 1 sensors. I have a few tips to share on that. I looked at the Acurite calibration video and noticed they used a graduated cylinder to measure the water. Since I don’t happen to have a “class A” graduated cylinder handy, I decided to weigh the water with a digital kitchen balance, set to grams. I checked it’s accuracy against a triple beam balance I’ve had since the 70’s (don’t ask why). It was accurate to plus or minus one gram, which is roughly comparable to the plus or minus one milliliter you’ll find with a good 250 mL graduated cylinder. Anyway, here is my “scientific” approach.
    8 ounces = 236.588 grams, and water at 70 degrees F is about 0.998 g/mL
    So, 236.588 mL times 0.998 g/mL = 236.115 grams or 236, since the balance can’t measure tenths.
    Next, I experimented with a cheap 16 oz. disposable plastic cup using different hole sizes, to achieve different drip rates. I used a plastic lid slightly larger than the rain collector rim, with a one inch hole cut in the center to set the cup on while it slowly dripped. I found the best way to duplicate the recommended drip rate was to tape the hole, fill the cup with 340 grams of water, pull the tape with the cup over the collector bucket, set the cup on the plastic lid, wait for the cup to drip down while watching the display periodically, then quickly put my finger over the hole as the display reaches 1.06 inches, and weigh the remaining water. Having that extra remaining water weight seemed to improve the consistency of the drip rate over the calibration range. If I used only 236 grams, the drip rate really slowed down at the end, and a small amount of water remained in the cup. Also, be sure to account for the cup weight in your calculations. So, given the numbers above,
    340 g minus 236 g = 104 g, which would be a perfect calibration
    I ran three calibration checks initially, which produced a three gram spread between the measurements, so no real outliers, but the average was off about 10% from perfect.
    I adjusted the calibration screws and retested, until I had a measurement within one gram of perfect. I ran two more tests (no adjustments), to assess repeatability. I ended up with three measurements plus or minus one gram of perfect.
    I guess being off 2 tenths of an inch in a 2 inch rainfall isn’t too bad, but I felt good after re-calibrating, knowing that it was about as good as you could get, and I had fun doing it.
    By the way, careful attention to getting the sensor level is also critical to accuracy.

  37. Great Product review by Gus on 2/27/2015

    Recently purchased and installed this product after owning an outdoor temperature/humidity sensor. Product works great and was easy to set up and install. Since I already had the internet bridge, the bridge immediately picked up the new 5 in 1 system. I also have the phone app, so now I can review all my readings from my phone as well. Well thought out product. Very pleased with my purchase and my interaction with customer service. It would be nice if the product descriptions were a little more descriptive - it seems that many of the product descriptions are very similar or the same as other products. For example, I already own an internet bridge and ended up getting another one with this purchase. I'm sure there is the exact package that I needed on the internet site, but I was not able to find it. - Just a thought.

  38. Great package review by Stephen on 2/11/2015

    I have not have this but only for a month. So far so good . Works great love the all in one features. Only trouble I had was when the wet snow stopped the wind speed indicator to stop working, as the snow melted off it kicked right back in. For the price you can't do better. I have a Davis weather system and this is just as good so far

  39. Great value, easy setup. review by Brandon on 1/24/2015

    I had been looking at units that were much higher priced when I found this system. I couldn't be more pleased with it, setup we easy and straight forward and the readings appear to be very accurate.

  40. Easy install review by Doc on 1/10/2015

    East install and works as designed. An easier way to level it is to level the mounting bracket, I used the level on my smartphone and was easily able to level it front to back, side to side and top, and once it's set there the bubble on the top was perfectly in the middle.

  41. Excellent product and customer service review by Gary on 1/8/2015

    I've had the 5 in 1 pro weather product for about 3 years now. I have liked it so much that bought three more for Christmas presents this year. I had a problem with the rain sensor during in the first month I had my unit. I contacted Acurite and they mailed my a new unit quickly and without problem. I highly recommend this product and Acurite! They are a great company selling a great product.

  42. Only had it about a month, most of it works great for the money, only problem is wind speed, little cups go so fast you cant see them, but read out is only about 9 miles per hour others in the area show25 to 30. review by Gerald on 1/5/2015

    As I said above wind speed is very off slow.

  43. So far so good review by Bix on 12/31/2014

    Upgraded to get the newer version with the double sunlight panels.
    Calibrated the rain gauge and all is good. Easy to install and use.

  44. Works pretty good review by Tom on 11/19/2014

    This is my third outdoor weather sensor in 5 years. They have all been easy to install and get working, and I really like the ability to use previous monitors with new outdoor sensors and view it from my iPhone. But, I would like for them to be a little more durable.

  45. Upgraded Sensor review by James S. on 11/12/2014

    This product is 5-star in my book. The dual solar panel is a great improvement over the single solar panel setup on past outdoor sensors. Temperature readings are much more accurate now. I picked this up to replace my older single-panel unit and I am very satisfied.

  46. Good value, excellent service review by Magus on 11/7/2014

    Good agreement with other local weather data sources. Very fast shipping and excellent ordering experience. Excellent email support answering questions prior to order. Easy install and setup. All in all, I am very pleased. I use VISReader and this great software is 100% compatible as far as I can see right now. Would highly recommend product.

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