5 Ways Rain Impacts Your Home and Garden

5 Ways Rain Impacts Your Home and Garden

We all know rain affects our day and outdoor activities, but we can also use rainfall to understand where we may need to do some repairs on our home and how to adjust our watering system. Here are five ways rain impacts your home and garden:

5 ways rain impacts your home and garden

1. Home Flooding:

Downpour after downpour can really saturate the lawn and soil around your house, which can force the water into your basement or crawlspace. Stay ahead of the flooding threats to your home by monitoring the amount of rainfall your property receives during each storm. Assess the walls before major flooding events: maybe some walls need reinforcing or place sand bags on the exterior.

2. Home Leaks:

Water can get into our homes during a rainstorm through cracks around windows, doors, and the roof. While you can monitor the rainfall with your backyard rain gauge, you can also stay ahead of the water damage by installing leak detectors in the attic, crawlspace, or even near leaky windows and doors.

3. Garden Health:

Our gardens and plants love rainfall, but did you know the number one cause of plant death is over watering? Keep your plants and crops healthy by adjusting your watering cycle based on actual rainfall reported in your backyard.

4. Lawn and Yard Health:

The lawn can also be overwatered. Like our plants and crops, lawns require the soil to nearly dry out before the next good watering, so check the soil moisture often learn how to adjust the sprinklers based on rainfall recorded at your weather station in your own yard.

5. Plan Your Day:

If there is a high chance of rain in the forecast, be prepared! Set alerts in My AcuRite to notify when it’s raining or when water is detected by your indoor sensors so you can monitor the house when you’re out and about. For the comfort of yourself and family, make sure to bring an umbrella and have your kids wear their rain boots and rain jackets.

September 7, 2018
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