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AcuRite Helps Emergency Services Team Monitor Weather

AcuRite Helps Emergency Services Team Monitor Weather
By Kari Strenfel May 21, 2018 1747 Views No comments

The Somerset County Department of Emergency Services is located in Pennsylvania. Learn how this Emergency Team uses weather data to stay ahead of potential danger for their community.


Somerset County is nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania and is a very unique place for weather. Mount Davis, the highest elevation in Pennsylvania is in Somerset County, so the county averages 74” of snow a year. With the complex terrain and changing elevation in the county, flooding and winds are always an extreme concern.


The Department of Emergency Services has installed two AcuRite 5-in-1 Weather Stations to stay ahead of any dangerous and potentially harmful weather conditions to better protect the community. One weather station is positioned on the roof of the county emergency operations and 9-1-1 dispatch center. The second station is mounted on a public safety two radio tower site.


The AcuRite weather stations allow the Department of Emergency Services to monitor weather variables in real-time to stay ahead of any potential emergencies related to flooding due to heavy rainfall, damage from strong winds, or even extreme cold or heat events.

“The user-friendly interface makes for an extremely easy install and the integration with the internet makes the weather station data easily accessible anyplace at anytime.” - Joel Landis, Training Officer at Somerset County Department of Emergency Services

Additionally, Joel and his team enjoys the feature to share data with Weather Undergroundwhich gives community members direct access to the weather station data for their safety.

We would like to see more of these stations in the field so real-time weather data can be used to protect life and property in the community.