Business Solutions with AcuRite

Business Solutions with AcuRite

Business Solutions with AcuRite

Whether you work to live, or live to work, the health of your business is vital to the wellbeing of you and your family. AcuRite’s full line of weather and indoor environment monitoring products are designed to deliver crucial, reliable information to small business owners, helping you make educated decisions that impact cost, productivity, staffing, scheduling, materials, and more.

Golf course management – Greener greens, fairer fairways, and safer golfers

AcuRite weather products can benefit golf courses in many ways. Our rain gauges help you maintain lush fairways while saving on water bills. Our weather station data can be shared with patrons to let them know what the wind and temperature conditions are. Our lightning detector can give you advanced warning to get everyone off the course and to safety when lightning is in the area.


AcuRite Weather Station used on golf course


Construction/contracting – Minimize costs and loss by staying ahead of environmental issues

More and more contractors are installing AcuRite weather stations on their job sites. Knowing about temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, and lightning at your job’s exact location helps with staffing, scheduling of activities, and of course safety. Our handheld measuring tools, meanwhile, offer a variety of uses once work begins.

Farming, agriculture, greenhouse – save on irrigation costs, maintain heathier plants and livestock

AcuRite weather monitoring products are indispensable tools for a variety of agricultural activities. From managing irrigation, to timing of planting and harvesting, to keeping livestock safe, AcuRite augments your knowledge, experience, and intuition with reliable weather data. This can help you make educated decisions that positively affect your profits.

Restaurant, catering, bakeries, and food service – deliver satisfying meals to your customers, safely store ingredients

Precise measurements of temperature, time, weight, and sometimes even humidity is crucial to delivering quality products to your customers. AcuRite NSF safety certified kitchen instruments are with you every step of the way, from helping to ensure safe storage of ingredients, all the way to final plating.

Schools and Park District – keep children safe, empower to better manage facilities

Between ensuring safety on the playground or ball fields, to maintaining greenspace, to monitoring a wide variety of facilities, there’s a lot to keep track of. AcuRite weather and environment monitoring products help you keep grass lush, check for water leaks in vulnerable storage areas, maintain comfortable indoor environments, and receive early warning if lightning, wind, or other weather conditions threaten safety.


AcuRite 3-in-1 weather station used on school grounds


Office, IT, Warehouse, Light Manufacturing – maintain productive work environments

Maintaining a comfortable work environment helps improve productivity, health and wellness, while keeping vital IT systems operating reliably. AcuRite indoor monitoring products offer the information you need to keep workplace conditions at optimal levels.

Hotel and hospitality – ensure a first-rate experience

AcuRite products can enhance the stay of every guest. Our decorative clocks can beautify your lobby. Our alarm clocks help make sure guests wake up on time. Our indoor environment monitoring systems help you maintain comfortable conditions, while our wide array of NSF safety certified kitchen instruments help you serve satisfying meals.

December 1, 2017
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