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Mother’s Day: Three Easy Ideas for Treating Mom Right

By AcuRite Team
May 7, 2019
Let’s get this straight: moms do an insane amount of work. Long days, which turn into long weeks, which turn into 18+ years of care, nurture, feeding, cleaning

Winterfest 2019

By AcuRite Team
January 25, 2019

Ready to bundle up to get out and enjoy the fresh air at Lake Geneva’s Winterfest?

California Wildfires Explained

By AcuRite Team
August 10, 2018

Why do the fires in California and the West Coast get so bad in the summer? Learn the basics here.

Mars Close Approach

By AcuRite Team
July 20, 2018

Find the bright planet Mars in the night sky this month as it gets closer and brighter until July 31st!

Happy National Meteor Day!

By AcuRite Team
June 30, 2018

Keep an eye on the sky to celebrate tonight and share any of your meteor images or videos with us!