Father Uses AcuRite Products to Help Grow Medical Cannabis for Son's Epilepsy

Father Uses AcuRite Products to Help Grow Medical Cannabis for Son's Epilepsy
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By James Ziegler, Proud Father and Medical Cannabis Grower
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Father Uses AcuRite Products to Help Grow Medical Cannabis for Son's Epilepsy

Cannabis Growing for Medical Use

Like any parent, we always want the best for our kids. Three years ago, my youngest son was diagnosed with childhood epilepsy. After thorough research and advice, I decided to start growing medical cannabis for my two special needs boys. As scary as that is (even being in a legal state like California) and never having much of a green thumb, I've had great success in treating my youngest son’s seizures and autistic behavioral issues, as well as managing my oldest son’s ADHD behavior.

AcuRite for Growing

Through my research, I discovered the reliable garden monitoring products from AcuRite, in addition to other AcuRite sensors than can help improve indoor and outdoor growing and gardening. Even with the help of this basic temperature and humidity sensor, I quickly became a successful cannabis grower.

With our busy schedule and increasingly full lifestyle, I found the need to keep tabs on the growing conditions even when I’m away from the house. This is how I discovered the Multi-Sensor Display with three indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensors that has the ability to connect to the My AcuRite® app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Setting it up was a breeze; it took no more than 15 minutes, and I couldn't be happier!

By always being accurate and reliable, AcuRite products help me to be a successful cannabis grower. Being able to quickly check the grow room monitors from anywhere on my mobile device or tablet — thanks to the My AcuRite app for remote monitoring — gives me peace of mind. The app graphs and logs my cannabis temperature and humidity levels, giving me every opportunity to maximize my growing environment. When growing indoors, conditions have to be just right with the ideal temperature and humidity for growing cannabis. The AcuRite sensors and the My AcuRite app notify me when I need to adjust the conditions, such as increase or decrease the humidity for the plants.

Pictured above, you can see I have a humidifier placed in the cannabis grow room where I closely monitor the grow conditions along with the indoor/outdoor temperature sensor. I honestly wouldn't put this kind of trust on any temperature/humidity sensor other than AcuRite. Especially considering I’m growing medical marijuana for my kid's medication.

I highly recommend AcuRite environmental monitoring products and tools for growing and gardening, as they set the bar when it comes to reliability and durability standards. I've repeatedly bought AcuRite products to ensure a successful growing journey, and time and time again, they've reminded me I've made the right choice.

James Ziegler lives in Anza, CA and tracks his grows with the online grow community GrowDiaries
Thank you, AcuRite!

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James’s pig Bellatrix helps him tend to the plants.
April 12, 2022
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