Follow in the Footsteps of Weather Monitoring’s Founding Father

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Follow in the Footsteps of Weather Monitoring’s Founding Father

Do you like to impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of all things weather? Increase A. Lapham certainly did. He is considered “Wisconsin’s first great scientist” and the “Father of the U.S. Weather Service.” As a Wisconsin-based company, we’re honoring him during his birthday month, and invite you to join in the celebration by connecting to Weather Underground.

Increase A. Lapham

Lapham’s interest in scientific observation started early in life working on canals and locks. His interests expanded to cartography, geology and ecosystems science, but his real passion was climate and weather. He closely tracked maritime casualties, and lobbied Congress and the Smithsonian Institution to create an agency to forecast storms on the Great Lakes and both coasts to prevent such incidents. That worked, and he became the first person to issue an accurate Great Lakes storm warning from Chicago in 1870.

If Weather Underground had existed in the 1800s, Lapham would likely have been a prominent member. This group of more than 250,000 personal weather station users is the largest online weather network of its kind. It’s a global community of weather gurus just like you, who are sharing their hyper-local environmental data.

With Weather Underground, you can:

  • Share and compare your data with like-minded weather enthusiasts.
  • Compare current conditions with other local weather enthusiasts on the Wundermap.
  • Get “smart forecasts” tailored to your favorite hobbies and activities, delivered via text or email.
  • Get up-to-the-minute condition reports with Rapid Fire updates.
  • Analyze personalized hyper-local climate trends with charts and graphs based on your archived historical data.
  • Provide an important public service by improving crowdsourced weather data that helps inform our broader knowledge of weather trends.

Weather Underground’s vast network means unprecedented coverage. By eliminating large spans of distance between individual weather stations, you get access to cutting edge weather accuracy and highly reliable forecasts. To put it simply, it enhances the already robust functionality of your AcuRite weather station.

Have we got you itching to be your neighborhood’s next weather expert? Connect via web browser or download the app, and watch our introductory video to get started. Still looking for the weather station that’s just right for you? Check out some of our Weather Underground compatible products.

March 19, 2019
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