Garden Together at Home with AcuRite and KidsGardening

Garden Together at Home with AcuRite and KidsGardening
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Garden Together at Home with AcuRite and KidsGardening

KidsGardening is a national nonprofit organization that creates opportunities for kids to play, learn, and grow through gardening, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder. They provide original educational resources, grants, and a community of practice for educators, families, and schools across the country. 

Each April, KidsGardening celebrates the joy and wonder of gardening with children with Kids Garden Month. However, this year is very different for all of us as most students are at home with their families, rather than in the classroom.  So this year, KidsGardening invites families to share how they #GardenTogetherAtHome. If you are gardening with your kids or trying any garden-based activities or lessons, enter the contest for a chance to win one of many cool prizes! AcuRite is excited to be contributing six refurbished Atlas weather stations to get kids excited about monitoring and tracking the weather in hopes of using the weather data to improve their gardening skills this year! In addition to home weather stations, AcuRite has the best weather tools for gardening.


AcuRite Atlas used in gardening


Kids Garden Month is a great way to lift up, encourage, and virtually create a community with other families and educators. Teachers, are you able to incorporate any gardening activities or lessons in your remote learning plans? Do you have home gardening ideas for families at home? Share what you’re doing and learn from others. We’re in this together. Let’s #GardenTogetherAtHome

Are you looking for more kid's gardening tips? Browse our website to check out some of our gardening activities and lesson plans here!

Kids planting a garden
April 6, 2020
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