AcuRite Atlas mounted in yard in from of home


Protect your home and family. Monitor real-time environmental conditions with AcuRite Atlas in your own backyard, empowering you to Make Better Decisions, Every Day™


UV Index

Minimize your exposure to harmful solar rays with real-time updates of current ultra-violet conditions. Most weather sites only show an estimated UV based on the regional forecast, while AcuRite Atlas delivers hyper-local readings from your own backyard, allowing you to Plan Your Day with Confidence.

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Light Intensity

Maximize your opportunity to grow healthy plants by better understanding the impact of sunlight throughout the day. AcuRite Atlas gives clear insight into light conditions, allowing you to easily track trends and measure hours of daylight.

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Lightning Detection

Know When to Take Action™ by detecting the presence of lightning up to 25 miles away. AcuRite Atlas can detect lightning long before you hear it, giving you more time to prepare for an approaching storm.

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Wind Speed
Wind Direction

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