The Five Tools Every Grill Master Should Have in Their BBQ Kit

The Five Tools Every Grill Master Should Have in Their BBQ Kit

The Five Tools Every Grill Master Should Have in Their BBQ Kit

You're the real deal when it comes to grilling, and not rain, nor snow, nor sleet nor hail can stop you from grabbing your BBQ tools and tossing a few burgers on the grill. (Okay, maybe hail.) Fortunately, there are lots of grill accessories that can help you grill better when doing so under less than ideal conditions. And let's be honest, some of this stuff is fun to play with even when the weather is perfect. Here are five tech tools every grill master needs.

1. Grill Light

When duty calls, a true grill master answers. If hunger strikes after the sun goes down, an LED grill light can save the day. Some models clamp to a spot on your grill, but these can be inconvenient. Instead, look for one with a strong magnetic base and a 360-degree flexible gooseneck so you can get the light exactly where you want it. A quality light will withstand the heat next to the grill and tolerate cold temperatures when your grilling season lasts all year long.


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2. Grill Surface Thermometer

There's no shortage of thermometers that can tell you the temperature inside your closed grill, but it's the temperature of your cooking surface that truly matters. To determine that, you'll need a grill surface thermometer. Made of tough stainless steel, AcuRite’s digital grill thermometer lays directly on your grilling surface so you know exactly what the temperature is inside your grill at all times. Once you’re done grilling, hook the built-in tabs through your favorite tongs or another grilling utensil to lift the thermometer off the grill without getting burned. When it cools, just toss the thermometer in the dishwasher for super easy cleanup.

3. Wireless Meat Thermometer

We have all gotten caught up in summer barbecue conversation and left our meat on the grill a little too long. Fortunately, a wireless meat thermometer provides an alternative to a ruined meal. With AcuRite’s digital meat thermometer with wireless display and time left to cook, you can check the internal temperature of your meat from wherever you are. Whether you step away from the grill to grab another beer or to greet guests, a quick glance at the display will let you know that everything is still alright at the grill. If it's not, you'll know in time to avoid a grilling catastrophe.

4. A Weather Station

You're going to grill rain or shine, but it's still a good idea to keep an eye on the weather. A quick look at wind direction will help you predict where the smoke from your grill will go if you have a flare-up. You can move the grill accordingly so the smoke doesn't get sucked into your house through an open window. Wind speed is another important condition to monitor. If you have a cover on your grill, it can act as a sail in high winds and blow your grill off your porch or patio if a strong gust comes through in the middle of a BBQ session.

Weather stations can also help you keep an eye on your barbeque while it’s not in use. A system like the AcuRite 5-in-1 High Def Weather Station can help you monitor wind, rain, lightning, and other weather conditions so you can know when your grill needs to be secured or moved into a sheltered area. If you're not home when bad weather strikes, you'll still know about it and can ask a neighbor or friend to check on your barbecue.

5. Propane Tank Monitors

It's every grillers nightmare to have a hungry crowd behind you and an empty propane tank in front of you. Naturally, you planned ahead and have a spare tank ready to go but changing your tank too early means wasting fuel. To fearlessly get every last drop out of your tank, consider a Bluetooth tank monitor.

As long as you stay within 50 feet of your grill, the monitor will send an update to your phone every few minutes. When you run out of propane, you'll know right away so you can install the new tank and get back to grilling without a delay.

May 18, 2020
Al C
June 25, 2020
I am installing a natural gas grill in an outdoor kitchen. I fear, for good reason, that i will some day leave the gas on and best case run up a $300 gas bill or worst case melt my grill or otherwise burn up my kitchen. I have no smart system to attach anything except wifi. I want something to say "you left yor grill on stupid" if it get too hot. Any form of alarm that can be inside 30 feet away works. It would be inside in that it would not get wet. What is a good choice?
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