Ice Skating and Sledding this Winter!

Ice Skating and Sledding this Winter!
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By Kari Strenfel
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Ice Skating and Sledding this Winter!

AcuRite has the tools you need to keep the kids healthy and active this winter by staying safe and prepared for the brisk winter weather. Find the best sledding weather and best ice skating conditions for your family!

Weather in your pocket!

Parents, bring the Portable Anemometer to get the real-time weather information when you are out with the kids!  Sledding on a big hill? Ice skating on an isolated pond? The local weather conditions in these environments are likely not the same as the information you pull up on your weather app – which is usually the official weather data from the nearby airport. Be the weather guru at the sledding hill by taking your own measurements and getting the kids inside before it gets too windy or cold!

Check the Weather!

Visit to find the local weather forecast before you gear up and head out. Always check with the local experts from the National Weather Service on the current weather conditions and near-term weather forecast.

Also, check for safe sledding conditions from your backyard weather station with the My AcuRite app. Whether you have an stand-alone outdoor temperature sensor or a full weather station like the 5in1 or Atlas, you have the convenience of checking the temperatures before you go and while you’re out!

Bundle up and have fun out there!

January 29, 2020