Snowmobile Weather and Safety

Snowmobile Weather and Safety

Snowmobile Weather and Safety

Follow some snowmobile safety tips before you and your friends head out for your snowmobile adventures this winter. AcuRite has the tools to help you stay safe and be prepared for extreme snowmobile weather.

Check the Weather

Visit to find the local snow forecast before you head out. Weather apps are convenient, but especially when you are traveling, check with the local experts from the National Weather Service on the weather for the best snowmobiling conditions. Trust the experts, so you are aware of the conditions and any potential dangers before you gear up and get out there!

Pack a Portable Anemometer

Be the weather guru in your snowmobile group with the AcuRite the portable anemometer. Take your own measurements and get the group to safety before it gets too windy or cold!

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Know the Terrain

Besides checking the weather before heading out, please be prepared for the snowmobile conditions you are planning to explore.

Over lakes and rivers – check ice thickness from local authorities. Know that rivers and creeks are never safe as the water is continuously moving and take longer to form a thick ice layer.  Don’t get caught in thin ice. Learn more about ice over rivers and lakes here.

Blog Winter Weather Series Ice-Skating
Blog Winter Weather Series Ice-Skating

In the woods – stay clear of tree wells. In deep powder, a pocket of air can form under the tree branches, creating a dangerous hole that can trap the snowmobile and rider. Learn more riding dangers at SafeRiders.

In the mountains – check avalanche conditions at Consider taking Avalanche Courses to be prepared for avalanche safety when snowmobiling.

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Buddy Up

As always, use the buddy system - never go out by yourself!  And tell someone back at home where you are headed and when you expect to return.

Share and Discuss

Share your favorite snowmobiling conditions in the comments below! Any close encounters with avalanches or thin ice?

January 26, 2020
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