Let’s Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day!

Let’s Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day!

Every year, February 5 marks National Weatherperson’s Day in the U.S.! For most of us, checking the weather is as simple as turning on your TV, looking at your AcuRite Weather Station display, or checking your My AcuRite® app on your phone. But behind that simplicity are droves of scientists, developers, and meteorologists studying atmospheric conditions and technology to bring you the most accurate forecast they can!

National Weatherperson’s Day is a day to recognize these men and women who work around-the-clock to provide the nation with weather, water, and climate forecasts.

History of National Weatherperson’s Day

Why is National Weatherperson’s Day celebrated on February 5, you may be wondering? It commemorates the 1744 birth of Dr. John Jeffries, considered one of the world’s first weather observers. Dr. Jeffries graduated from Harvard in 1763 before starting to record daily weather measurements in his hometown of Boston between 1774 and 1776 and again from 1790 until 1816 — making him America’s first weatherman! In addition to having that namesake, he accompanied French inventor Jean-Pierre Blanchard in a gas balloon for the first crewed flight across the English Channel in 1785. What a feat!

Why Is National Weatherperson’s Day Important?

Meteorologists and newscasters regularly analyze atmospheric trends to create forecasts to keep us informed and help us plan outdoor activities, including everything from daily dog walks to outside parties. And when severe weather is imminent, experts at the National Weather Service create weather advisories, watches, and warnings that local newscasters report — all in hopes of keeping people safe. No easy job!

But Earth’s weather impacts a lot more than just us humans. Specialized meteorologists create distinct forecasts for rivers and other bodies of water to protect marine life and surrounding property. Experts create fire forecasts to predict forest fire risk and drought outlook forecasts in an effort to help conserve water. And climate experts analyze historical records to develop forecasts for energy consumption. These forecasts are all critical for the overall health of humanity and Mother Earth!

How To Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day

The easiest way to celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day is by tuning into TV meteorologists’ forecasts! If you’d like to take an extra step, sending your favorite meteorologist a “thank you!” on social media would surely also be appreciated. (This author would like to thank his favorite meteorologist, Mark Baden, from WISN-12 News in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!) Additionally, always remembering that these experts put in a lot of work studying weather prediction models behind the camera is an excellent way to celebrate, too.

Lastly, never take your meteorologists for granted! Most sincerely care about providing accurate weather forecasts and helping their local community stay safe from weather impacts.

To any meteorologists that may be reading this: All of us at AcuRite thank you for your hard work and dedication to studying weather and providing forecasts!

Who is your all-time favorite meteorologist? Are they still broadcasting? Did anybody want to be a meteorologist when they were a kid? Let us know in the comments below!

February 2, 2023
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