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March Blue Moon

Clouds and moon above the water
By AcuRite Team
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March Blue Moon

We saw no full moon in February but we get two in March 2018! The first full moon of March occurred on March 1st, and the second will occur on March 31st, making it the second Blue Moon of the year. The old saying, “Once in a Blue Moon” doesn’t seem like a rare occurrence lately!

Two Blue Moons in one calendar year is pretty rare, which won’t happen again until 2037, 19 years from now! That year will be similar to this year with two full moons in January and March, but no full moon in February. This also happened 19 years ago in 1999: two full moons in January and March, no full moon in February.

This 19 year moon cycle is called the Metonic Cycle. Learn more about the Blue Moon Cycle oearthsky.org.

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March 30, 2018
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