Monitoring Your Garden

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Monitoring Your Garden


As a book author, blogger for Better Homes and Gardens, TV personality and public speaker, Coronado’s livelihood depends on the quality of her garden. Coronado also is a frequent traveler. This makes it difficult for her to monitor the thousands of plants that make up her home gardens, flower beds, and landscape features.


Coronado installed an AcuRite Personal Weather Station with Remote Monitoring. This garden weather station continually monitors the temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction, then provides reliable weather forecasts specific to her back yard microclimate. Coronado can access these forecasts, along with pertinent weather history (such as accumulated rainfall) from her phone, tablet, or computer.


Coronado reports that the AcuRite weather station for the garden armed her with vital, reliable information necessary to consistently grow healthy plants.

"Weather completely 100% affects my business because I am concerned about heat or cold in relation to growing. I am also concerned about how much water I get during rainfall or what the wind might be. All of this affects the plants in my garden, so it becomes important to me to know directly. Being able to better understand the weather makes gardening easier and my job easier."

In addition, the ability to remotely monitor conditions in Coronado's back yard enabled her to tend to her garden from anywhere in the world.

"When I'm traveling for business in another state I check the weather at my home station using the app on my phone. If I see the weather is dry, I can call back to my home and have someone go out in the gardens and water for me. Beyond that, I can also see how windy it is by keeping an eye on the app on my phone - if it gets too windy, I can have someone go out and pull the hanging pots down so they don't break. Definitely a "win" for my home garden and for my business because I require constant weather supervision to be successful."

Knowing the weather will definitely help your garden be more successful.

Shawna Coronado

December 1, 2017
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