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Preparing for cooler and freezing temps

Preparing for cooler and freezing temps
By AcuRite Team December 12, 2018 6034 Views No comments

When the weather outside is frightful, following a few easy tips can ensure your weather monitoring remains delightful. If you’re in a cooler climate, you’ve probably already put away the lawn furniture, raked the leaves, cleared the gutters and dusted off the snow blower. There are a few additional steps you can take to prepare for winter and extend the life of your weather monitoring devices.

Got batteries?

One of the simplest, yet most important, things you can do to prepare for chilly temps is to switch out the batteries in your outdoor devices. Lithium batteries love the cold and will work better in extreme conditions than alkaline. So swap them out, or consider using them year round as they function equally well when summer temps begin to swelter.

Location, location, location.

Consider where snow drifts will accumulate when placing your outdoor thermometers or any weather station that includes the small weather sensor. If they get buried in the next storm you may get inaccurate readings.

Bring them in.

With summer’s long days far out of sight, some off-season products should come inside to extend life and ensure they work as intended for years to come. Our rain gauges could crack from continued freezing and thawing, so keep them safe alongside your flower pots and other summer gear.

Give a bit of extra protection.

Our new AcuRite Atlas and other 5-in-1 weather stations are built to withstand the winter weather. You can give a bit of extra protection and make sure the snow slips right off by spraying them with WD-40 or a basic non-stick cooking or car wax spray.

Sit back and keep an eye on the weather.

Our product engineers work to design durable products you don’t have to pay constant attention to. They’re easy to use and reliable. When the next storm hits, or the wind chill takes a nosedive, sit back in your favorite chair and get an accurate reading on the day ahead. You’ll have peace of mind knowing whether you need to break out the full snowsuit, or just a light jacket.