Skywarn Storm Spotter Expands Weather Reporting With AcuRite Atlas™

AcuRite mobile weather station
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Skywarn Storm Spotter Expands Weather Reporting With AcuRite Atlas™

After training in 2006 with the National Weather Service, I became an official Skywarn Weather Spotter and have been sending daily weather reports to the NWS for nearly 15 years. Also since 2006, I’ve been a Ham Radio operator and provide communications during public emergencies. Emergency responders need local weather data that's updated every minute to perform safe and successful rescues. Our local topography in Nevada's desert — with mountains to our west and more desert to the east — creates unique weather patterns all year-round. Unfortunately, this weather is not accurately captured by the official weather stations, which are over 20 miles away in all directions.

Live Weather Updates with AcuRite

With my AcuRite Atlas™ wireless weather station that reports to My AcuRite™, I’m able to access the weather data from anywhere and get live weather updates in real time. Providing wind speed and direction updates, live lightning detection, and even temperature and humidity during fire evacuations is valuable information for fire mitigation in hopes to reduce fire growth and fire spread. Additionally, during possible flooding events with heavy rainfall, I will now report on current rainfall totals and rainfall rates, so emergency responders can prepare low areas in the community prone to flooding.

In addition to providing weather updates to the locals, I also get to participate in a fun and exciting event every year: the annual National Pony Express Association Re-Ride! This event sees over 100 members of the National Pony Express Association mount their horses and ride 2,000 miles over 10 days between Missouri and California to honor a historic mail route in 1860 and 1861. Because the route makes its way through western Nevada, it's essential that I provide the riders and assistance vehicles with detailed weather information on the local microclimate for our area.

It will be absolutely essential to share weather updates for the horses' and riders' safety! I'll update after the next event to share photos, weather data, and a recap of how my AcuRite Atlas weather station improves community safety in our local area of western Nevada.

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December 28, 2020