Smart Home Remote Monitoring

Smart Home Remote Monitoring

Smart Home Remote Monitoring

When you can't be there, an AcuRite Home Environment Monitoring System can! Remote monitoring can help you respond quickly to prevent or reduce expensive damage to your home when you are away. The central hub of the home monitoring system is the AcuRite Access™, which plugs into your internet router. For each Access you have, you can monitor the data for up to three (7) AcuRite sensors in any combination of the following: Obtain data from the 5-in-1 Weather Sensor3-in-1 Weather Sensor, or Temperature and Humidity sensors. Each sensor features strong wireless signal penetration (enhanced 433 MHz), and can track environmental variables within a 330-foot wireless range from the AcuRite Access. You can chart and graph historical data to plan for the specific conditions at your home. Monitor conditions from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and set customized text or email alerts to let you know when you need to take action.


My AcuRite Devices

Vacation Homes - Check that heat or air conditioning has not been left on unintentionally; prevent frozen pipes with wireless sensors in basements or crawl spaces; ensure mold prevention by monitoring humidity; check rainfall to see if someone needs to inspect for water damage; see at a glance if power or internet service has failed; let vacation renters know what the weather will be.
Rental Homes – Monitor energy consumption by checking temperatures; prevent moisture damage by checking humidity.
Traveling – Whether you are a “snowbird” who leaves your home for months at a time, or on a short vacation, you can have peace of mind with home temperature monitoring sensors in your home; prevent frozen pipes and risk to pets (including home humidity monitoring sensors for aquarium or terrarium creatures).
Check on aging relatives – Older people are at risk from overly cold or hot environments; place up to 7 Temperature and Humidity Sensors with an AcuRite Access™ in your loved ones’ home or apartment and receive alerts on your smartphone, tablet, or computer if conditions pose a risk to their health.

AcuRite Atlas used on a farm

Use weather data from outdoor sensors in your specific location to help you plan. For comprehensive information and forecasts, we suggest the Atlas Weather Station with Access for Remote Monitoring which consists of the AcuRite Access, and the Atlas outdoor sensor.

  • Monitor wind direction and speed along with rainfall to prevent or quickly respond to damage to your home from wildfires, downpours, and high winds.
  • Use sprinklers and irrigation systems efficiently based on rainfall amounts and targeted forecasts.
  • Plan outdoor activities and clothing needs based on real-time data.
  • Enjoy knowing about your own particular micro-climate!
  • Plan for weather conditions that may affect health conditions such as breathing problems, arthritis, sun sensitivity, and migraine.

AcuRite Access with Home monitoring

Use up to 7 sensors indoors with each AcuRite Access to monitor conditions remotely on your web browser, tablet or smartphone for a safe and healthy environment.

  • Monitor crawl spaces and basements to prevent frozen pipes, mold, and mildew.
  • Monitor attic and garage temperature and humidity to prevent damage to stored items.
  • Check temperature in various parts of the home (upstairs and downstairs) to ensure even heating or cooling and to save energy costs.
  • Check on conditions for family members and pets when you are out of the house.
May 17, 2018
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