Successful Ice Fishing with AcuRite

Man ice fishing on frozen lake

Successful Ice Fishing with AcuRite

AcuRite has the tools you need to help you learn how to use technology to catch more fish this winter. Knowing when weather conditions are ideal for ice fishing, you can minimize your time spent in the bitter cold but maximize your catch!

The Fishing Activity Meter and Forecaster is a fully mobile unit with the display and temperature sensor both battery-operated, with a wireless range of 165 ft (50m). Carry it with you while out on the lake or simply hang it on your ice fishing house.  Stay updated on changing conditions with the data transmitting every 30 seconds, and the convenient pressure history chart helps you identify pressure trends. Bonus feature! This device informs of ideal hunting conditions too!

Changes in pressure can affect how fish behave and eat differently. Our previous post on How Barometric Pressure can Affect Fishing Conditions highlights the common tendencies experienced while fishing during different pressure conditions and identifies the best fishing is often when the pressure is falling. Get your Fishing Meter now to monitor and track for yourself the best ice fishing weather.

With your mobile sensor while out exploring the lakes, consider installing a wireless weather station at home to stay updated on your weather conditions. Choose which combination is best for you with the new Personal Weather Station Builder. With over 1000 combinations of sensors and displays, you can truly create your unique weather monitoring setup! Add the Access to conveniently track and monitor ideal fishing conditions through My AcuRite from the comfort of your warm and cozy living room!

December 26, 2019
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January 21, 2021
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