UAMS Continues To Use AcuRite Weather Stations For Campus Safety

UAMS Continues To Use AcuRite Weather Stations For Campus Safety
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UAMS Continues To Use AcuRite Weather Stations For Campus Safety

This article is a follow-up to two previously written blogs by the UAMS Police Department: one in August 2018 and the other in May 2020.

Here at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), the UAMS Police Department is officially recognized as the Law Enforcement Agency. The department operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide the most comprehensive services for patients, visitors, and staff. We now have two AcuRite weather stations: one AcuRite Iris® as our stationary weather station mounted on the roof of our police department building with the display placed on our dispatcher’s desk, and the other is our wireless weather station for use with our mobile command unit.

Real-Time Weather Data

Having the option to use either weather station's data gives us added knowledge of real-time weather conditions. We benefit from always having access to the current weather conditions, extremes, and historical trends monitored at our main facility while also knowing the on-site weather wherever and whenever we activate the mobile command center with our mobile weather station.

Winter Weather Storm

We have found our weather data to be essential during severe weather tracking in winter months. For example, during the record-breaking Winter Storm Viola, we relied on real-time weather data from our stationary weather station multiple times a day throughout the event. We provided a weather update every two hours to decision-makers and emergency responders on campus. These customized emergency weather alerts helped them decide the on-campus closures for clinics and various classes. Of course, we kept the emergency room open for the duration. This on-site weather data was an invaluable resource for the department and the entire university. The below images are from an example weather report update for the campus decision-makers. By reporting on the current weather conditions and current road conditions, we can provide a comprehensive report and assessment to help keep our patients, visitors, and staff safe during these emergency weather events.

UAMS Police Department Weather Snapshot - Current Conditions UAMS Police Department Weather Snapshot - Weather Map UAMS Police Department Weather Snapshot - Current State Road Conditions UAMS Police Department Weather Snapshot - Current UAMS Road Conditions

Additional Weather Resources

As we continue expanding and growing our on-campus presence, we are currently working with the National Weather Service to train dispatchers. Once we have trained weather spotters, we will be able to report the AcuRite weather data and our daily weather observations directly to the NWS. We are also working towards building a more portable weather station and considering these portable weather devices that administrators could use during severe weather events that do not require our police department to be present.

We want AcuRite to know we appreciate having our weather stations available throughout these harsh winter months! The weather data is something we use constantly.

April 27, 2022
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