Hunting and Fishing Gadgets

Hunting and Fishing Gadgets
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Hunting and Fishing Gadgets

Check out AcuRite's latest advancements and top 5 picks to help make your next hunting or fishing trip more productive. Looking for the perfect gift for a hunter or fisherman? Look no further for great fishing gift ideas & hunting gift ideas for your favorite sportsman.

Don't miss out on favorable wildlife and weather conditions


Sportsman's Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter
Experienced hunters and anglers know that time of day, moon phase and the weather conditions outside all influence wildlife activity. AcuRite makes activity prediction easy with its Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter. The meter combines weather observations with lunar positioning data so you know when conditions are prime. Also included in this cool hunting and fishing gadget is the patented Self-Calibrating Technology provides your personal forecast of 12 to 24 hour weather conditions.

  • Forecasts optimal conditions for wildlife activity
  • Includes both a hunting & fishing meter (selectable)
  • 12 to 24 hour weather forecast
  • Outdoor temperature (degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius) with high and low information
  • Barometric pressure history chart
  • Intelli-Time clock and date
  • Moon phase


Digital Thermometer with 10 foot Wired Sensor


AcuRite hunting and fishing gadgets

Prevent spoilage and monitor inside / outside temperature
Temperature is the most important factor for keeping fish and game fresh. AcuRite thermometers that feature a temperature sensor probe will provide both the temperature where the monitor sits and the probe's temperature. The probe is weatherproof, water resistent, and 10 feet long for easy positioning in a cooler, water or for inside / outside temperature from within a blind or fishing hut. Temperature ranges from -58 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-50 to 70 degrees Celsius) with high / low information. Momentary backlight for low light conditions.


Weather Forecasters with Moon Phase


AcuRite hunting and fishing gadgets with Moon Phase

Solunar theory: The moon's impact on hunting and fishing
John Alden Knight, an avid fisherman, and the author is widely credited with the development of the solunar theory. Knight’s theory validated local folklore that animals and fish move according to the location of the moon, not the sun. The theory says the best time to fish or hunt is when the moon is directly overhead in the sky or directly underfoot in the opposite side of the earth’s sky.
Because changes in the moon aren't always visible, it can be difficult to identify its positioning throughout the lunar cycle. AcuRite Weather Stations track the phases of the moon conveyed through simple lunar phase icons, essential fishing equipment to add to your gear!
Weather Station with Moon Phase


12.5-inch Indoor or Outdoor Thermometers


AcuRite hunting and fishing gadgets with outdoor temperature

Decorative Thermometers
Renowned wildlife artist James Hautman captures the outdoor enthusiast's eye in these AcuRite 12.5-inch Thermometers. Accurate, reliable temperature readings from -60 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Weather resistant construction is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Includes integrated hang hole for easy mounting.
Decorative Thermometers

June 15, 2020
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