What People Are Saying About AcuRite Atlas

What People Are Saying About AcuRite Atlas

When we launched the AcuRite Atlas, our goal was to create the most reliable and accurate weather station possible. Years after the launch, Atlas has become one of the most dependable solutions on the market and people are continuing to rave about it!

But don’t just take it from us – hear from new customers, Beta and Field Testers on why they love the AcuRite Atlas and why they recommend it to their family, friends and colleagues.

Fire Department in Wisconsin:
"The Kenosha County Specialized Response Team is a technical rescue team, responsible for community safety in a variety of types of emergency incidents, based in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Because of all the different types of rescues we perform, we must be ready for anything and everything, including any type of severe weather. We are able to bring our AcuRite Atlas weather station with us when we are responding to an incident and quickly set it up on-site. After we arrive, we have it up and running in mere minutes. Keeping track of our weather data through MyAcuRite® provides us peace of mind…”

Kenosha County Fire Departments response truck behind their AcuRite Atlas®

Deb Jones in New Mexico:
"It’s important for me to view my indoor temperature and humidity data remotely. I have AcuRite Atlas weather stations setup at both of my homes, with indoor and outdoor data, so I can always keep an eye on the other house.”

“The most exciting part is being able to share your data online with friends and family!”

Deb Jones in front of her AcuRite Atlas

George Nincehelser in Texas:
“I’m away from my Texas home about half the time, and I like to monitor the indoor temperature and humidity to maintain a safe environment for my plants when I’m away.”

“On the farm, rain pretty much drives everything and I rely on my AcuRite Atlas for daily decisions. Are the chemicals we just applied going to be absorbed or washed away? Will we be able to get the equipment out for planting, or will we get bogged down in the mud? You need to know how much rain you’ve had and plan from that – can we go out in the field or not?”

George Nincehelser with his AcuRite Atlas

Jonahan Pearce in North Carolina:
“Absolutely recommend AcuRite Atlas and AcuRite Access to a friend! Display is better, the weather station build is high quality, overall heavy duty. It’s not something that will break or get destroyed in the wind.”

“Most simple installation of any weather station yet! Take it out of the box, slip it on the pole, and tighten it down. All setup on through my phone.”

“It was surprising how far away the lightning sensor picked up strikes from my location.”

Jonahan Pearce's AcuRite Atlas

Jack McElhaney in North Carolina:
“The AcuRite Atlas system is beautifully designed, and the data display is great.”

“The Atlas is a reliable, durable, and affordable weather station. A very valuable instrument.”

“My neighbors depend on my Atlas rainfall data to maintain the irrigation schedule for their yard. The cost of water is very high in our area, so they turn off their sprinkler on days my station has reported rainfall. Our yards stay healthy and we save money!”

Jack McElhaney with his AcuRite Atlas

Chris Collins in North Carolina:
“I’m excited about the new AcuRite Atlas line of weather stations, as it will provide a more professional solution to users.”

“I've never used indoor consoles or My AcuRite very much in the past, but I do use them both now that I have the AcuRIte Atlas system. There are many good features of both, including the graphing and the ability to choose custom times to look at data on My AcuRite Dashboard.”

Chris Collins and his AcuRite Atlas Display

May 20, 2022
Jeff F
December 16, 2018
My wife and I both work outdoors, I work in Public Safety, and she works for a regional airline. Our weather station is an essential tool to prepare ourselves for the day, and Wyoming weather is notoriously fickle. We’ve been an AcuRite owners for years now, and we’re enjoying our new Atlas with lightning sensor. We live at 6000ft so the UV sensor is a huge plus for us for skin protection! Thanks for another awesome, high quality station.
AcuRite Team
January 24, 2019
Thank you for Sharing! We love hearing about how useful the Atlas is to our customers.
ASH Green
May 6, 2020
Awesome! No words. You always go one step beyond. There is so much great, useful information here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Read our guide if you wish. besttoolsbrand Thanks again :)
Robert Kamperman
November 4, 2020
I live in northern Colorado. I recently upgraded to the Atlas weather station to obtain wind direction and rain fall. The temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction work great. The only issue I have is rain fall totals which are inaccurate. With a 63 mph wind, rain fall total has shown 38 inches of rain.
AcuRite Team
November 5, 2020
Hello Robert, We would be happy to assist you with that! If you are receiving false rainfall readings in high winds, your sensor may not be mounted securely. If the sensor is able to sway in high winds, this will cause false rainfall readings. Please make sure that your sensor is mounted securely. For further assistance, please reach out to our support team via live chat or email request on the AcuRite Support website.
Martin Brunet
January 9, 2021
1. Remove rainfall indicator from weather station. should be separate sensor mounted closer to the ground. Having it up on top of a pole or other high mounting especially in cold climates and in areas where there are trees makes for a difficult sensor to maintain for accurate readings. 2. Weather updates from sensors need to be much faster. Wind speed and direction are crucial during a weather event. Just my view of what I see as necessary improvements. Thankyou Marty Brunet.(lmibme@yahoo.com)
AcuRite Team
January 11, 2021
Thank you for your feedback, we will certainly send your requests to the appropriate parties! If there is ever anything that we may assist you with, please reach out to our support team via live chat or email request on the AcuRite Support website.
Paul Snowberg
June 10, 2021
My 5 in 1 weather station is now more than 10 years old and lives in a challenging mountain environment. Is it a simple effort to replace it with one of the new Atlas units? It lives about 200 miles from me, so of course it needs to be compatible with Acu-rite Access and My Acu-rite. Thanks.
AcuRite Team
June 11, 2021
Absolutely! The AcuRite Atlas Weather Station is compatible with your existing AcuRite Access device. If you have any physical display units for your existing 5-in-1, you will need to upgrade those to an Atlas display in order to view the Atlas sensor data on a physical display. If you only view your sensor data through My AcuRite, you can use your existing Access device to stream the Atlas sensor data.
Larry McCarter
July 4, 2021
My monitor (6058M) stopped working on my old acurite system, so I thought I would upgrade to the Atlas unit. While I like the added information displayed on the new monitor (6099M), the size of most of the displayed numbers are so small, that viewing from any distance is impossible. A larger display would have been great and worth whatever extra cost that would have caused. The unit itself is easy to set up, and the display is sharp and clear; just too small.
AcuRite Team
July 7, 2021
Thank you for the time that you have taken to give your feedback, we appreciate your thoughts, and will certainly provide your request to the appropriate parties!
W Boswell
September 2, 2022
Been thru several generations of units Including internet devices to put data on internet app. Now I have this beautiful Atlas going. I have several remote temp humidity remote sensors that will not add to the system ? Is there new additional remote sensors ? Unit is out on pole and I have sensors in two buildings I need tied in
AcuRite Team
September 7, 2022
The Atlas Direct to Wi-Fi display is only compatible with the Atlas outdoor sensor. In order to continue streaming data online from additional sensors, you will need to use your existing AcuRite Access device, model #09155M. For further questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat or email request on the AcuRite Support website.
J King
January 9, 2023
I hope there is a better way to have my Atlas display set up for displaying rainfall. Now it changes from the last 24 hours to the last 48 hours to to the last 7 days, etc. without any input from me. To me the interesting rainfall is midnight to midnight, not the last 24 or 48 hours. As it continues to rain the value in the last 24 hours can be reduced as the 24 hour period shifts forward! That is so counter-intuitive: raining more and the number is getting smaller. I would like to find a setting where I get today's total rainfall (midnight to midnight). How about a display where I can set it for the last number of hours or the last number of days (midnight to midnight). That would be very flexible and i could set it for today's rain fall (1 day choice). PS: Note that the iPhone display format and the iPad display format are for the current day and much better than the Atlas display.
AcuRite Team
January 10, 2023
Our new Atlas displays feature a constant Today rainfall total as well as Week, Month, and Year records. Here is a link to view our current Atlas display units: https://www.acurite.com/shop-all/weather-instruments/weather-sensors-and-parts/displays.html?display_type=250
j King
January 11, 2023
There are three Atlas displays shown at the link you provided. Which one gives me midnight to midnight 1 day rain accumulation?
AcuRite Team
January 12, 2023
All three of these displays provide a midnight to midnight rainfall total.
February 13, 2023
Can I set the local forecast for a location in Mexico?
AcuRite Team
February 14, 2023
Please understand that currently My AcuRite and its products are only supported within the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. We are always looking to expand our business. Our customers are our #1 priority. We will certainly keep this in mind for possible future updates to the site. However, this will only affect the forecast feature of My AcuRite. You can still use My AcuRite to stream your sensor data online if you are located in an unsupported country. You can still enter your street address, but you will need to select an incorrect country. I recommend selecting the supported country that is closest to you. Again, this will only affect the Apple Weather forecast and weather conditions icons, these features will be inaccurate. Your sensor data will be unaffected.
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