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Plan your Day with Confidence: AcuRite Atlas and My AcuRite delivers a comprehensive view of weather conditions and makes it easy to identify changing conditions and hidden risks in your own backyard.

Advanced Technology

The tools you need to better understand your environment.

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Stay informed of hyper-local environmental conditions at any time— from anywhere, with AcuRite Access. AcuRite Access connects up to seven (7) compatible AcuRite devices to My AcuRite, our remote monitoring software, allowing you to conveniently monitor the areas you care about most, so you can Plan Your Day with ConfidenceTM. Shop all Sensors

Connect to my ACURITETM

Stay informed of changing conditions in and around your home. My AcuRite allows you to monitor the areas you care about most, from anywhere, at anytime, with any device. Learn more

Make Better Decisions, Every DayTM


Protect your family
and property


Maximize plant growth
and health

Second Home

Know what’s happening from
anywhere at any time


Better understand the
impact of weather

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