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AcuRite has weather activities
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Weather Watcher

AcuRite has a refreshing set of weather activities and weather lesson plans that you can do at home, no matter the age. From coloring weather maps to logging daily weather data, AcuRite weather stations have all the weather monitoring tools to get your kids tracking the weather daily.

AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher coloring book pages

NEW Coloring Pages!

We've added additional weather-themed coloring pages for kids to enjoy! Just download and print the new pages [PDF Download] or use them on you farvorite drawing/coloring app.

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Download the New Coloring Pages

AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher weather map coloring book page

Coloring weather maps

Download and print the weather map [PDF Download] to create your own weather map! Don’t have a printer? Simply open the PDF on your tablet for the kids to use on a drawing/coloring app.

  • Kids 8 years old and younger: Ask your young kids to draw the weather icons around the map, where they think it might be sunny, where it might be rainy, etc. Color warm colors (oranges and reds) where they think the temperatures might be warmer – say in the South – and color cool colors (blues and purples) where they expect cooler temperatures – say in the North.
  • Kids 8-12 years old: In addition to above, older kids can draw warm and cold fronts to create a weather map.  Indicate rainy areas along and behind cold fronts, but ahead of warm fronts.
  • Kids >12 years old: Oldest kids might be comfortable pulling up an online weather map – like Weather Underground, and plotting real data around North America.  Record temperatures on the map and shadow in areas of warm or cold, and try to identify cold fronts and warm fronts based on wind speeds.  And pull up online weather radar to color in areas of rain or snow. This page will help you determine where to draw the current warm and cold fronts, and this page will help you get an idea of the current temperatures across the US.  Or check Weather Underground’s radar and temperature maps.

Download Weather Map

Daily Weather Journal

Use the calendar [PDF Download] to teach your kids how to monitor and track the weather every day! Download and print the calendar below, or open the document in MS Word to maintain a digital copy.

  • Kids <8 years old: Ask younger kids to draw the icons on each day. Was it sunny today? Draw a sun. Was it rainy today? Draw the rain icon.
  • Kids 8-12 years old: In addition to the above, older kids can start to record the daily weather data from the AcuRite display or My AcuRite. With the weather icon for each day, have them write down the daytime high temperature and early morning low temperature. Report any rainfall or high wind each day. Have them write down anything else they may have noticed about the weather that day.
  • Kids >12 years old: In addition to the two ideas above, the oldest kids can report daily and weekly weather summaries. Add up the rainfall for the entire week, determine which day had the highest and lowest temperatures, try to identify trends (are temperatures warming or cooling day-after-day or week-after-week?).

Download Weather Journal
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher calendar coloring book page

Here are more ways teachers are integrating weather stations into lesson plans:

  • Track weather extremes - high and low temperatures (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Track weather trends - trending cooler or warmer, and then use these trends to make predictions
  • Monitor rainfall totals (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Record strong winds and correlate to property damage or how outdoor events are affected
  • Compare your school’s weather data to nearby weather stations with Weather Underground. How is it different or similar?

Skills learned from looking at weather data gets students comfortable viewing data, graphs and charts, and even locational awareness by using maps to find nearby weather stations on Weather Underground. Since kids have a natural curiosity about the world around them, learning about the weather is a great way to introduce them to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)!  Also, this handy article identifies 5 Weather Facts for Kids – some important teachable moments during everyday activities like pumping up the bike tires for the next bike ride.

Learn about weather station parts

Depending on which type of weather station you have, talk with your student about each sensor that makes up the AcuRite weather stations. Use the images below for guidance.

Weather Sensor with parts labeled
Weather Sensor with parts labeled

Don’t have a weather station yet? You can build your own weather station to get exactly the sensors you want. Make sure to add one of our WiFi displays so you can connect your data to the My AcuRite app and website to monitor current conditions in real-time, view charts and graphs, and track daily, weekly, and monthly trends.

Weather station setup and maintenance

Siting and mounting your weather station in the most ideal location can be a teaching moment itself!

Have your (older) kids help you follow the tips outlined here to determine the best location for your weather station. Remember to look around and above to make sure you can capture the most realistic weather data possible: free of all obstructions from wind and rain with a realistic representation of the ambient temperature and humidity.

Remember to perform regular maintenance on your weather station to keep the data reporting accurately. Get kids to help clean any leaves or bugs out of the rain gauge and clear spider webs from the solar radiation shield. It’s good practice to remember to clean your weather station at least twice a year, so check out this maintenance article for some reminders of things to check!

Just for fun...

Mix weather and art class with these fun coloring pages from AcuRite!
Download AcuRite Coloring Pages

Download All Activity Worksheets

Junior Weather Watcher Gallery

To be featured in our gallery, share your student's work with us by tagging @acurite and using #JrWeatherWatcher on any of our social pages! Or, send a direct message to any of our social accounts with a photo of your student's completed artwork. You can find us using the links below!

Girl holding coloring page at desk
Girl holding coloring page at desk with weather display
Girl with glasses holding coloring page
Girl checking rain gauge on fence
Girl and boy posing with coloring pages at table
Girl holding coloring page in front of window
Boy holding coloring page in front of door
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher weather map coloring page
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher weather map coloring page
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher calendar coloring page
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher sun and moon coloring page
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher weather map coloring page
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher weather station coloring page
AcuRite Junior Weather Watcher sun and moon coloring page

How are students using AcuRite Weather Stations and Sensors in the classroom?

Stillpoint School Installs AcuRite Atlas™ with Lightning Detection

Stillpoint School is located on San Juan Island in Washington State. The marine environment and coastal location keeps the school and lesson plans deeply connected to nature because we are profoundly impacted by weather events. We frequently notice dramatic differences in weather across our island due to microclimates. During winter, it may be overcast and snowing in town, but sunny with no snow on the other side of the island! Read more...

A School’s Greenhouse Depends on AcuRite

Mackintosh Academy Littleton is a small school (PreK-8th grade) in Littleton, Colorado, committed to environmental sustainability. Last year, we won both the National Green Ribbon School award and a gold level award from the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program. Our many "green" initiatives include solar panels that power the whole campus, a robust recycling and repurposing program, and a very productive hydroponic greenhouse. Read more...

KTBS Junior Weather Watchers and AcuRite

A partnership between AcuRite and the KTBS Weather Watchers program started in 2017. The news station has an ongoing program where community members can take a class on severe weather every spring, and sign up to contribute to the daily weather report by submitting their backyard weather data. Now, with the help of AcuRite weather stations, this weather data is automatically transferred to the weather map for use on-air. Read more...