Outside, and In.

From the #1 brand in weather technology, My AcuRite empowers
you to see the weather like never before, making you the
neighborhood climate expert.

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My AcuRite:
The Window to Your World.

My AcuRite's smartphone app, tablet, and browser-based interface provides peace of mind. It lets you view home conditions from work, on vacation or from your favorite chair. Always know your environment in and around your living space, and keep tabs on all places that matter to you.

Take Action When Conditions Need Your Attention!

My AcuRite can be programmed to alert you to hazardous outdoor conditions like high wind gusts and excessive rainfall. It can also notify you about dangers inside the home, like a leaking appliance or potential conditions for mold. View Alerts

Gain Insights.

Access intuitive and dynamic charts, graphs, high and low records, and more. You can export, analyze, and archive data to compare weather patterns.

Location-Specific Weather.

Precision measurement of atmospheric conditions where it matters most to you. Receive vital, reliable information including dew point, heat index, wind chill, “feels like” temperature, atmospheric pressure, moon phase, visibility conditions, sunrise and sunset times, and reliable daily and 5-day weather forecasts.

Works with your smart speaker for a hands-free experience.

When paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, AcuRite Wi-Fi Weather Stations allow for AcuRite voice-control.
Hey Google  or Hey Alexa
"Ask My AcuRite for today’s rainfall."

Works with Alexa
My AcuRite Skill
for Amazon Alexa
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Works with Google
AcuRite App
for Google Assistant
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Connect to my ACURITETM

Stay informed of changing conditions in and around your home. My AcuRite allows you to monitor the areas you care about most, from anywhere, at anytime, with any device. Learn more

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Our newest Wi-Fi displays offer direct-to-My AcuRite for those who want to monitor their weather data from anywhere. The My AcuRite mobile app and desktop website give you everything you need to know about your outdoor environment.

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AcuRite Atlas or AcuRite Iris
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