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With My AcuRite smart home systems for environmental monitoring, you can stay connected to your surrounding environment, and keep tabs on all the places that matter, in and around your home.

My AcuRite’s environmental monitoring platform is an integral part of any smart home technology and smart home device arsenal. This is because knowing and acting upon key conditions like humidity and temperature can empower you to make a positive difference in your home’s comfort and overall healthfulness. In addition, My AcuRite can help you avoid costly damage by sending you a timely freeze alarm for frozen pipes, a leak detection alert, humidity or temperature alert, high wind alert, inform you of excessive rainfall, and other notifications.

My Acurite is also the best weather app for Android. This is because it’s a full-functioned Android thermometer app, plus it harnesses AcuRite’s array of environmental sensors to deliver reliable indoor readings, precision weather measurements taken right in your back yard, and dependable weather forecasts. My AcuRite is also your go-to weather alert app - notifying you when conditions need attention.

My AcuRite: The Best Smart Home System for Environmental Monitoring

My AcuRite acts as your personal smart home assistant, helping you ensure safe and comfortable indoor conditions for your family and pets, while protecting and preserving the structure of your house and your possessions.

  • Indoor air quality, including temperature and humidity
  • Prevent mold, mildew, and allergens
  • Detect water leaks and flooding
  • Frozen pipe prevention
  • Safe conditions for pets
  • Healthy plants and garden
  • Pool, hot tub, fountain, and pond monitoring
  • Knowing when high winds put your patio and garden at risk

My AcuRite: Weather Updates Where it Matters Most

My AcuRite lets you know exactly what’s going on right outside your door, enjoy dependable forecasts, analyze data, and participate in weather communities. Better than an a weather website.

  • Environmental readings right where you are
  • Measure temperature, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed, and wind direction
  • Reliable daily and 5-day weather forecasts
  • High and low records
  • Historical data with detailed trend charts and graphs
  • Weather Underground compatible
  • Download your weather history data to analyze patterns

Create Alerts, Take Action

Get notified of changes in your home and outdoor environments. Create email and phone alerts to know when conditions exceed your desired range and may require your attention. The potential uses for My AcuRite’s browser portal are practically limitless. Examples of customizable alerts include:

  • Water leak present (potential for water damage)
  • High indoor humidity alert (potential for mold and allergens)
  • Low indoor humidity alert (potential for damage to musical instruments, collectables, etc.)
  • Low indoor temperature alert (freeze alarm, potential for frozen pipes)
  • Excessive rainfall (flooding may occur)
  • High wind alert (bring patio furniture indoors, pull down hanging plants)
  • Inadequate rainfall (lawn needs watering)
  • High soil temperature alert (time to plant garden)
  • High or low liquid temperature alert (danger to aquarium fish)
  • Low outdoor temperature alert (freeze alarm, cover up flowers and plants)

Share with Family, Friends and Neighbors

Grant access of current conditions and weather alerts to people who matter to you. Potential uses can include:

  • House sitters
  • Lawn Care providers
  • Community gardens
  • Property management
  • Planning of group activities affected by weather
  • Personal weather station communities

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