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Portable Weather Sensors for Your Adventures

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Wherever the trail takes you, you'll always be aware of the elements with portable gadgets made for adventure. Need to know exactly how high you've climbed? Want to know the wind speed at the peak of your ascent? Have to know if there's lightning in the area before setting up camp? With AcuRite's handheld sensors, you'll always be prepared for whatever nature throws your way.

Handheld Weather Alerts for All Outdoor Adventures

Capture the Elements: Never Hike Alone

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Monitor Temperature and Humidity

Too hot to tackle that next peak? Too humid to get a good grip on that rock? Keep an eye on extreme weather and know your hiking conditions with high temperature and humidity records.

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Track Wind Changes

Monitor gusting winds and track increasing wind speeds to have a heads-up on developing storms.

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Recognize Turnarounds

Know when to cancel a trip, reroute your trek, or simply head back to safety with on-the-go weather alerts for safety.

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Avoid Lightning Danger

Hike up that granite rock peak or get to lower ground? Be prepared for potential thunderstorm activity with lightning strikes detected up to 25 miles away.

Portable Weather Sensors

Throw these handy gadgets in your daypack to safely explore the great outdoors while out on your adventures. Lightning detection with a radius of 25 miles helps you identify the safest route for your hike, and shifting wind data could signal storm development. If your activities are on the water, advanced lightning detection can inform you to hurry back to shore. Weather alerts in real time are an essential part of exploring the great outdoors.

Even your campsite comfort is optimized with sensors placed inside or outside the RV or camper. Compare indoor and outdoor temperatures to know when to open the windows or run the AC.

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Before You Go Outside

Let's admit it — many of our cabins and remote getaways now have high-speed internet. Whether your sanctuary has Wi-Fi or not, you can build custom weather monitoring into your setup to stay on top of conditions. Heavy rainfall could make the trail turn to mud, stable atmospheric pressure could make the fish less likely to bite, and low winds could make for challenging sailing.

With AcuRite weather monitoring and live weather alerts, you'll always know when to head out for your next adventure or when to reschedule, based on weather conditions measured right at your base camp.

Build Your Custom Weather Station

Weather Sensors for Your Outdoor Activities

Plan Outdoor Sports Like a Pro

Soccer, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, football, or even track racing - some regions are open for outdoor sports during the pandemic. With the AcuRite Atlas® installed on the grandstand, concessions, or bleachers, stay on top of the players' safety and the comfort of the fans.

The lightning sensor detects strikes up to 25 miles away, and the My AcuRite® app can give staff, coaches, players, and fans access to on-field weather updates right on their smartphones.

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FAQ - Smart Series Nature

Frequently Asked Questions

Portable weather sensors from AcuRite give you up-to-the-minute weather updates and real-time weather alerts so you can stay safe on your adventures! Learn about more cool camping gadgets to add to your camping gear!

Everyone's ideal camping weather is different. From snowy backcountry cold-weather camping to easy summer backyard camping, there's a wide range of comfortable weather for hiking and outdoor adventures. With weather alerts from your very own personal weather station and handheld weather sensors, you can identify and understand your ideal weather conditions for hiking, camping, and exploring. Just be aware, the bigger the group, the more weather opinions you'll have to deal with!

AcuRite handheld weather sensors are perfect for on-the-go weather information for any hiking trip. You may get out of cell range, which means your usual weather apps won't work, but with portable weather devices, you'll always be able to monitor the specific conditions you are experiencing. Not the conditions from the offical weather station at the nearest aiport (if your weather app loads). Get real-time weather alerts for increased safety with AcuRite portable devices.

AcuRite portable, handheld weather sensors are extremely easy to setup: simply install batteries and power on! You're then ready to go with current weather readings and can set up your weather alerts.

AcuRite portable, handheld weather sensors are as reliable as you use them. If you always have them out and exposed to the elements, then you'll get weather updates in real time. If you have them stuffed away in your pack, then you'll always know the conditions of the bottom of your backpack. Learn more about what weather patterns to watch for when you're on the trail.

Stationary weather stations from AcuRite are very easy to set up and install. Generally, you need to think about setting the weather station away from any obstacles or obstructions that would affect the wind measurements or rainfall data. The obvious examples are: don't set the rain gauge under a tree and don't install the anemometer right next to a building, fence, or wall. You have to consider temperature too, a weather station mounted over a blacktop will measure warmer temperatures than if it was placed over grass or natural surface. So wide-open spaces over natural surfaces are ideal locations for weather stations, however, we understand that ideal placement is not always an option, so just identify the best location you can! See the article here for specific guidelines on weather station installation.

No, you cannot access your AcuRite weather data from your personal weather station if you do not have cell reception. The data is available through the My AcuRite app or website, so you'll either need a cell or internet connection. This is why it is ideal to bring portable, handheld weather sensors with you on your outdoor adventures, because you simply hold up the weather sensor and read the current conditions on the display! It's that easy!

AcuRite monitors a wide range of weather elements. Within the AcuRite Olympus Series™, three tiers of weather stations measure rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, UV and light intensity, and lightning detection. Our portable, handheld weather sensors can measure wind speed, temperature, humidity, and lightning up to 25 miles away to keep you covered for your next adventure! 

With your AcuRite portable, handheld weather sensors, you can set weather alerts for lightning detection and high wind. 

The portable lightning sensor from AcuRite is the best way to detect lightning strikes before you're in danger, wherever your adventures take you. The portable sensor detects lightning strikes up to 25 miles away, both cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground, so you're aware of potential danger before you can even hear it! Take action and stay safe!

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