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Most commonly used weather apps rely on weather data measured at the nearest airport, which only report updated weather data every hour. With AcuRite home weather stations, you can get real-time weather updates observed from your own backyard. Transform the way you monitor weather.

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Nerd Out with Weather Technology

Monitor changing conditions with continuous updates, track trends through charts and details, and enable alerts sent directly to your smartphone.

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Track Storm Development

Rising or falling pressure? Increasing or shifting winds? Lightning detection up to 25 miles away? Everything you need to keep an eye on approaching storms.

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Monitor Conditions from Anywhere

Whether home or away, get weather data and changing weather notifications sent right to your smartphone before sharing with your friends, family, and online weather communities, like Weather Underground.

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Track Patterns and Trends

Monitor conditions in real time, track weather trends and details, and download and save your personal weather data. Plus, the data you see on your My AcuRite app is the same data you'll see when you log on to the My AcuRite desktop site!

The Window To Your World

My AcuRite® Technology

Understand and Take Action - From Anywhere. Use our Wi-Fi displays to share your data with My AcuRite and benefit from the many features—ranging from remote monitoring to enabling notifications that matter to you.

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My AcuRite Window to World

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Be Your Own Meteorologist

Lightning detection with AcuRite Atlas. Know when lightning is nearby so you can take action.

Lightning Strike Count 

Determine whether a storm is developing or dissipating based on the increasing or decreasing number of lightning strikes detected.

Lightning Distance

The distance to and from each detected lightning strike is updated in real time, helping you know when a storm is approaching or leaving your area.


Enable lightning alerts, sent via text or email, to stay ahead of potential storm threats, allowing you to better protect your family and your home.

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Amateur Today, Weather Pro Tomorrow 

Expand your local weather knowledge beyond just checking the forecast highs and lows on your usual weather app. With state-of-the-art AcuRite weather stations, you can increase your weather knowledge by tracking your actual backyard temperatures and storm reports, which include maximum wind gusts and rainfall totals.

Weather Stations

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Select how you view your data


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Frequently Asked Questions

Just an interest in the weather! No need for a degree here! If you constantly question the weather around you and want to know more about your local environment, then you're probably already a weather geek! Take your curiosity to the next level with your own home weather station. Interested in using your weather skills to help the community? Learn more about becoming a storm spotter!

Tracking everything from shifting winds to rainfall rates are common for weather enthusiasts. Everything monitored by the AcuRite Atlas helps keep you informed of live weather updates that matter to all weather geeks, whether you're out storm chasing or just monitoring the weather conditions at home.

The AcuRite Atlas is the most accurate home weather station at an affordable price! Plus, with the new Wi-Fi Display, the professional weather station is now a breeze to set up and connect to the internet for enabling weather alerts and viewing weather data right from your smartphone!

Take your curiosity about the weather to the next level with a Wi-Fi home weather station. The newest wireless and internet-connected weather displays allow even the most technically challenged weather folks out there to enjoy the benefits of a backyard weather station! Interested in using your weather skills to help the community? Learn more about becoming a storm spotter!

Whether it's backyard weather monitoring, improving home temperature and humidity, or storm chasing, AcuRite weather stations give you the weather tools you need to help you know more about your environment and take action when needed. Learn more about the Olympus Weather Series™ for options in home weather monitoring.

AcuRite weather stations have increased accuracy, are completely wireless with remote monitoring capability through the My AcuRite app and website, and now offer Wi-Fi-connected displays to simplify the process and create an internet-connected weather station.

Weather nerd or not, a home weather station can help you save money on your energy and water bills! You'll know how much rainfall your lawn received to skip a watering cycle and also when to open the windows instead of running the AC. Need more reasons? Here are six reasons why you need a home weather station. Already convinced? Then here's some help on finding the right weather station for you

Meteorological seasons are defined by grouping the months by like temperatures, which aligns well with the astronomical seasons created by the tilt of the earth. More detail on that can be found within this five facts about the summer solstice article. With a personal weather station, you can monitor the temperature trends and seasonal weather conditions in your backyard and even monitor the increasing or decreasing hours of daylight with the UV and light sensors included with the AcuRite Atlas!

Since meteorological seasons are defined by like temperatures and weather conditions, weather elements such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, and pressure can affect how the seasons play out. Monitor and track your seasonal weather conditions with your own backyard weather station.

A personal weather station is a unit that includes many meteorological instruments. Depending on your level of curiosity and weather interest, you can select the AcuRite Notos™ weather station that includes three meteorological instruments, the AcuRite Iris™ with five meteorological instruments, or the AcuRite Atlas™ with add-on capabilities.

Weather enthusiasts love finding other people like themselves! The more people they have to talk about the weather, the better! We recommend joining online weather communities like Weather Underground. Or, if you're interested in using your weather skills to help the community, learn about becoming a storm spotter. Additionally, visit the AcuRite Blog community to read about other ways people use their AcuRite home weather stations or to explore other neat weather facts and info!

Storm chasers are experienced weather enthusiasts that track and monitor severe weather events. Equipped with weather stations and weather monitoring technology, storm chasers and spotters are usually trained by the National Weather Service and even have a direct number to their local NWS office to report current conditions whether home or out on the road. By sharing these local updates on severe weather conditions, storm spotters and storm chasers help keep the community safe. The NWS uses these local reports to alert the community and emergency responders. Here's more information on how to train to become a storm spotter with the NWS.

The safest way to become a storm chaser or storm spotter includes a training program through your local National Weather Service office. This program will help you understand storm development and storm progression while also teaching you dangers to be aware of — such as lightning development — and corresponding safety precautions to keep you safe while out on the road. Learn more about becoming a storm spotter.

Storm chasers and storm spotters use a variety of weather monitoring equipment while out on the road. Currently, equipment depends on internet availability and Wi-Fi options in each storm chasing vehicle. The most robust storm chasers have their own radar equipment, which can get costly! Many storm spotters use AcuRite weather sensors, which is a more affordable option. The most common and easiest to use while out chasing are handheld, portable weather tools like the portable anemometer and the lightning detector. However, some chasers also opt for one of our Wi-Fi-compatible weather stations and create their own custom weather station mount to set up on their vehicle. Whether they use the handheld weather tools or complete weather station units, they can easily report these real-time weather observations to their local National Weather Service office to help inform the community and emergency responders.

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