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AcuRite smartHUB – End of Life Announcement

By AcuRite Team February 14, 2018 19104 Views

With the new release of the AcuRite Access, we have discontinued production of – and will be ending service and support for – the My AcuRite smartHUB, effective August 31, 2018.

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Our Favorite Products: February 2018

By AcuRite Team February 12, 2018 1162 Views No comments

Multi-sensor stations and indoor water detectors are at the top of our list this February. See why we're using these products in our own homes!

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Give Your Home Some Love

By Kari Strenfel February 12, 2018 783 Views No comments

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, give your home some love this month. Learn how to keep your home healthy and safe for your loved ones in this month’s love-inspired article!

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February Winter Storm Creates Dangerous Roads For Northeast

By Kari Strenfel February 8, 2018 1180 Views No comments

A strong winter storm brought freezing rain and icing, flooding, and heavy snow to the Ohio Valley through the Northeast.

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What is Atmospheric Pressure?

By Kari Strenfel February 5, 2018 1658 Views 2 comments

What is pressure, how is it measured, and why do I care?

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Happy Groundhog Day!

By Kari Strenfel February 2, 2018 831 Views No comments

So how did this Groundhog Day thing get started?!

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Super Blue Blood Moon

By Kari Strenfel January 29, 2018 5150 Views 4 comments

Three lunar phenomena will occur at once on January 31st!

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Water Leak Detection For Your Home

By AcuRite Team January 26, 2018 338 Views No comments

Monitor your home for water leaks and flooding to stay ahead of potential problems and damage.

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AcuRite at CES 2018

By Kari Strenfel January 19, 2018 2281 Views No comments

Larry and Kari showed off some of the latest and greatest AcuRite sensors for BeTerrific live at CES.

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Prevent Frozen Pipes

By AcuRite Team January 18, 2018 369 Views No comments

Learn how to monitor your pipes with AcuRite sensors to prevent frozen pipes.

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