5 Hiking Gift Ideas for Avid Adventurers

5 Hiking Gift Ideas for Avid Adventurers

5 Hiking Gift Ideas for Avid Adventurers

As temperatures climb, so does the number of hikers on the trails. The promise of beautiful weather is a siren song inviting adventurers to get outside for a day on the trails. That promise can be fleeting, though, because the weather is unpredictable. It's not unusual for that gorgeous blue sky to suddenly fill with clouds and let loose a drenching downpour. Rain, snow, heat, cold, and sun can all pose unexpected hazards when you're hiking. That's why it's vital to stay informed and be prepared when you set out into the wilderness, even if it's just a few miles from civilization. If you number a hiking enthusiast among your loved ones, check out this list of hiking gift ideas that will help them plan their adventures, make their treks more fun, and help keep them safe on the trail.

  1. Standard Baseplate Compass

    Understanding how to read and use a compass is one of the most essential skills for any hiker. While your phone, watch, or GPS unit may contain a compass, a standard compass (along with a good paper map) is an invaluable and reliable backup. Since it doesn't rely on batteries, you never have to worry about finding a charger.

  2. Lightning Detector

    Very few sights can match the raw beauty of a lightning storm in the wilderness, but beautiful is also dangerous. In addition to the risk of being struck by lightning, thunderstorms also carry the danger of flash floods, especially at high elevations. The AcuRite portable lightning detector will sound an alert whenever there's a lightning strike within 25 miles, giving hikers plenty of time to seek shelter out of harm's way. Here's how one avid hiker uses our lightning detector to enjoy her favorite hobby. And just in case you do get caught with a thunderstorm heading your way, check out this blog post on staying safe in a thunderstorm.

    AcuRite Lightning Detector
  3. Emergency Weather Radio

    Emergency radios can receive transmissions and alerts from VHF public-service band stations, including severe weather alerts. Look for one with the NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards logo and SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding), which will provide the highest number of alerts while allowing it to limit alerts to your geographic area.

  4. Anemometer

    The AcuRite Anemometer does a lot more than give wind speed and direction. With readings for temperature, humidity, altitude, wind chill, and heat index, it's practically a pocket-sized portable weather station, providing you with minute-to-minute updates of your exact location. It's the ideal gift for anyone who spends a lot of time hiking, fishing, hunting, and engaging in other outdoor sports.

  5. Emergency Rain Gear

    For hiking enthusiasts, the question isn't so much if they'll be caught in an unexpected rainstorm, but when. Given the unpredictability of the weather, especially at higher altitudes, it’s bound to happen eventually, no matter how carefully they watch the weather. That’s why one of the most useful gifts you can give your hike-loving friend is emergency rain gear that's light enough to carry on a hike but substantial enough to protect them in the worst weather. When looking for the best emergency rain gear, keep in mind that keeping warm is nearly as important as keeping dry. That’s only one of many factors to consider when choosing the best rain gear for a hiker.

More Hiking Gift Ideas

Looking for even more gift ideas for hikers, campers, hunters, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts? Check out our section on Technology for the Outdoor Enthusiast to learn more about the ways AcuRite can make time spent in the outdoors safer and more fun.

May 16, 2021
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