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Be Prepared for Summer Lightning

Be Prepared for Summer Lightning
By Kari Strenfel June 14, 2018 6040 Views No comments

Many of us check the forecast each day during the summer to plan summer fun for our kids. We like to pack in as much outdoor fun as we can – get them to the pool, the waterpark, the beach, and more. But with the summer heat and humidity, we often see “Chance of showers and thunderstorms” in the forecast. If the chance for storms is low, less than 50%, then don’t let that forecast deter you from enjoying the summertime fun!

You can still get outside to enjoy the weather by staying safe and prepared with a few options of lightning sensors available from AcuRite.

    1) Portable Lightning Detector
    This portable lightning detector is a compact sensor you can clip to your belt or purse and will detect lightning strikes within 25 miles! The best part is it can detect cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud strikes so you can be aware of any approaching thunderstorm activity with plenty of time to get to safety.

    Lightning Detector

    2) Lightning Detector
    This lightning detector hangs outside your home, office, or school to alert you when lightning strikes are detected within 25 miles. Alarms and a flashing LED will tell you and your kids it’s time to get inside because a thunderstorm is nearby!

    Lightning Detector

    3) Pro 5-in-1 Weather Station with HD Display and Lightning Detector
    Upgrade to the full weather station plus display and lightning sensor a to have more insight on the weather conditions in your backyard. Not only can you keep your kids safe from lightning, this 5-in-1 weather station will keep you informed of extreme temperatures and severe winds.

Humidity Low

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