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Portable Lightning Detector

Model: 02020, 02020CA, 02039SBDI, 06032RM

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The AcuRite Lightning Detector provides lightning protection with warnings for cloud-to-ground, cloud-to-cloud and intra-cloud lightning strikes within a 25 mile (40 kilometer) range. The lightning tracker notifies you with a loud alarm, flashing red LED light and text message on the backlit display when storms or lightning are within range. Pocket-sized with no-slip clip for portability. The lightning detector features enhanced interference rejection capabilities to prevent false lightning detection. Outdoor and indoor operation modes. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.


Portable Lightning Detector
  • Detects lightning bolts and storms within 25 miles or 40 kilometers
  • Get alerted to lightning strikes with a warning light, audible alarm and text alert
  • Lightning strike counter displays running total of lightning strikes detected
  • Provides an estimated distance to lightning-producing storm
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor or indoor lightning detection
  • Momentary backlight for low-light viewing
  • Bilingual English and French display

Lightning Detector Includes: Lightning detector, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Portable Lightning Detector Specifications

Lightning Detection Range Up to 25 miles or 40 kilometers
Lightning Strike Counter Range Up to 199 lightning strikes
Audible Alarm Tone
85 decibels
Power2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included)
Battery Life Expectancy8-10 months - based on an average of 3 lightning strikes per day
Operating Range32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit; 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
Dimensionswith Clip: 2.8-inch Height x 2.5-inch Width x 1.3-inch Depth
without Clip: 2.8-inch Height x 2.5-inch Width x 0.85-inch Depth

User Manual

Lightning Detector 02020CA / 02039SBDI
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26 reviews

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    11:39 PM (GMT)
    Great unit for the price
    This ACU-RITE 634 weather station works great as advertised. I've had it running now since Christmas day and it was easy to set up and I'm having no problems. The outside (and inside) sensors seems to be very sensitive and accurate. The inside display show a lot of info, although it would have been nice if the "history" feature was a little more precise. If you have lower temps outside (<35 degrees) use LIthium batteries in the outside sensor as the battery condition indicator on the inside unit flashes "Low Battery" if you use alkaline batts. A few things to think about are that the inside unit does not have a lighted screen, you don't get wind direction or a rain sensor, and you don't get pc connectivity. If you want any of those things look at a more expensive unit. Otherwise it's a great unit for the price!
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      11:18 PM (GMT)
      Works great
      From the first time i installed the batteries it has worked great. I would recommend this unit.
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        08:37 AM (GMT)
        awsome devises
        I got this for christmas and I love it easy to install works great
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          07:23 AM (GMT)
          Perfect weather display
          Was easy to install, all aspects of the instrument works as stated. give it a few minutes to connect to the world clock. I could not be more pleased with a product. The range for my transmiter is about 200 feet and goes through a birck wall and 8 Inch concrete basement wall.
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            06:17 PM (GMT)
            I think I have found the perfect solution
            Our weather here in the middle of Texas is constantly changing. The weatherman have very little chance of getting it right everyday. I have a memory of going to school in the morning and it was 80 degrees. By 10:00 we were sent home because it was snowing. Needless to say I have been on a quest to find a better weatherman ever since.I think I have found the perfect solution. AcuRite is a wonderful company that sells amazingly accurate weather stations for home use. The one I received is super easy to install and really simple to use. It has a large digital display that is so self explanatory even those with no technological expertise can tell the forecast and weather with ease. It has been really nice to know the wind speed as well as wind chill before I go outside to feed the animals. No more walking out the front door and getting surprised by a chill ya to the bone breeze. I love my weather station and think these are great gift ideas.
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