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Chaney Instrument Co. is a subsidiary of the Primex Family of Companies (PFOC), a family-owned business headquartered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Founded in 1943, Chaney Instrument Co. and its AcuRite brand have earned a long-standing reputation as the leader in precision time, temperature and weather products.

In 1987, Chaney Instrument Company became part of the Primex Family of Companies. After the acquisition, it quickly grew to become one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of quartz clock movements in the USA, ultimately achieving an annual output of over 10 million clock motors. Never resting on laurels, Chaney continued its focus on innovation and technology. This led to (among other noteworthy accomplishments) its pioneering a successful line of analog atomic clocks in 1998. These revolutionary products continue to offer consumers unmatched convenience and performance by automatically setting themselves and maintaining accuracy to the split-second.

More recently, Chaney has firmly established its AcuRite brand as the #1 top-selling weather product line in North America. The AcuRite brand is known for its ease of use, reliable quality, precision accuracy and knowledgeable support team. AcuRite is a consumer favorite at major retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Costco, Kohl's, Amazon and more. AcuRite weather products deliver dependable weather forecasts and precision measurements of outdoor and indoor environmental conditions. In contrast to the TV news or weather websites (which typically rely on regional data taken many miles away from your home), AcuRite provides actionable, personalized weather information, specific to your own back yard. 

AcuRite also offers useful technology for the kitchen. Boasting a precision line of thermometers, scales and timers, consumers can benefit from safely-stored, properly-prepared, and delicious food.

Finally, keeping up with today’s mobile technology, AcuRite augmented many of its leading weather products with internet-connectivity. This allows users to access their AcuRite sensor data from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, computer or tablet. The technology also allows users to customize alerts and receive notifications when conditions change and potentially need attention.

Thanks to AcuRite, you can monitor the places you care about most, stay informed of changing conditions, and plan the day with confidence.

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