6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Weather, Outdoor, and Grilling Enthusiasts

6 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Weather, Outdoor, and Grilling Enthusiasts

Father’s Day is the perfect time to give thanks for all the great things our dads do for us. If you’re looking for gift ideas for Dad, your best bet is to pick products he is going to use and enjoy for years to come.

AcuRite offers a wide selection of unique Father’s Day gifts that are sure to please. Whether your dad is interested in fishing, golf, home improvement, hiking, gardening, or just enjoys watching the weather, look to AcuRite for the best Father’s Day gifts.

Weather Gifts

AcuRite weather stations are great gift ideas for Dad since they help him confidently make more informed decisions when planning his day. In addition to that, watching the weather is fun and can be an educational activity with the kids!

Gift #1 – The AcuRite Atlas®

The AcuRite Atlas Weather Station with Lightning Detection and Wi-Fi Display is the future of hyperlocal weather monitoring: smart, connected, and 100% dad-friendly. This rugged piece of gear is the most accurate weather sensor ever created by our team, with detailed measurements of temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV index, and light intensity.

Dad will like the wireless range of 330 feet (100 meters) and the incredibly easy setup. And we predict he’s really going to like the way he can view the data in an app, whether he’s home or away!

Gift #2 – The AcuRite Iris™

For a lower cost option with the same essential weather information like temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rainfall, and lightning detection, this AcuRite Iris bundle is another great choice for Dad’s new home weather station.

Hunting and Fishing Gifts

Any time Dad ventures outside, you can help him stay ahead of the weather with these unique Father’s Day gifts.

Gift #3 – Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter

The AcuRite Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter ensures Dad won’t miss out on perfect hunting and fishing conditions. Thanks to special algorithms that take into account variables like barometric pressure and moon phase, it can tell Dad when fish are likely to be biting or when the deer should be more active. It’s also great for use as a basic weather station!

Gift #4 – Portable Weather Device

The AcuRite Portable Anemometer is a hand-held unit that accurately measures temperature, humidity, and wind speed. It’s perfect for the tech-savvy dad who’s into boating, hiking, flying drones, playing golf, or who simply enjoys the outdoors with his kids! It’s also handy for a variety of home improvement projects, such as measuring the efficiency of a heating and cooling system or estimating the time it’ll take for the concrete to set or the paint to dry.

Barbecue Gifts

If Dad loves to grill, AcuRite cooking gadgets are worth a look.

Gift #5 – Digital Meat Thermometer with Pager

The AcuRite Digital Meat Thermometer & Timer with Pager takes the guesswork out of serving the perfect steak or chicken breast. Includes presets for U.S. Department of Agriculture- recommended temperatures, plus AcuRite patent-pending algorithms that give you a reliable estimate of time left to cook. The wireless pager lets Dad step away from the grill, knowing he’ll get an alert when the desired temperature is reached.

Gift #6 – Digital and Compact Meat Thermometer

For a lower cost, the AcuRite Digital Instant-Read Foldable Thermometer lets Dad quickly check the temperature of his award-winning chili, roast, or other meals. It has a foldable design for storage and is certified for safe use by the National Sanitation Foundation. If you’re looking for more ways to bring Dad’s grilling to the next level, here are five grilling tools and gadgets that will make perfect Father’s Day gifts this year and keep Dad grilling all summer long.

Happy Father's Day!

If your dad likes to know what’s going on — and what father doesn’t? — satisfy his curiosity and his love of gadgets with one of these amazing AcuRite monitoring products and share your Father’s Day gift ideas in the comments below. What AcuRite product did the dad in your life absolutely love and still talks about every year?

June 7, 2021
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