How AcuRite Helps Hooversville Fire Department Keep Its Community Safe

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How AcuRite Helps Hooversville Fire Department Keep Its Community Safe

The Hooversville Volunteer Fire Department Station 614 protects approximately 2,100 residents and 30 businesses located in a small rural community in North Central Somerset County, PA.


The Fire Department needs to stay informed of dangerous weather conditions that can cause potential harm to people and property in the community. Hooversville and the surrounding area has interesting topography which allows the weather to vary greatly from the nearest official government weather station.


Hooversville VFD installed a Color Display and 5-in-1 Weather Environment System with My AcuRite. This system enables them to know when to take action if dangerous weather conditions are in the area. The sensor is mounted on a supply building (shown below), which is a separate structure from the fire station where their two indoor displays are housed; one display is mounted in the Truck Room at the Dispatch Radio Console, and the other is mounted in the meeting room/ officer’s room. 


With their new AcuRite Weather Environment System, Hooversville VFD can now provide their community with local weather data in real-time through the help with a link to Weather Underground from the Fire Department’s web page (KPAHOOVE4). Additionally, they have shared the My AcuRite app with active community members so that they too can monitor changing weather patterns or severe weather conditions.

5-in-1 Weather Sensor


May 29, 2018
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